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Today Is Going To Be Visual: The Story Of Mark O. Barton's Surreal Killing Spree

Today Is Going To Be Visual: The Story Of Mark O. Barton's Surreal Killing Spree

Background, family life, and early troubles

Mark O. Barton
Mark Orrin Barton was born on April 2, 1955, in Stockbridge, Georgia. He was later raised in South Carolina and grew up as an only child.
Despite an ongoing drug habit that plagued him as a teenager, Barton was able to attend Clemson University, and then the University of South Carolina, where he graduated in 1979 with a degree in chemistry. Barton then moved back to Georgia, residing in Atlanta, and married his longtime sweetheart, Debra Spivey.
Their first child, a son named Matthew, was born in 1988. Their daughter, Michelle, came along in 1991. The Bartons were an average suburban family; Debra got along just fine with most people that she met and she adored being a mother, while Mark was on his way to becoming a successful chemist. Eventually, Barton's employer required him and his family to move to Alabama.
One of the first issues that came to light regarding Mark Barton was his seemingly out-of-the-blue paranoia. Acquaintances believed that the move to Alabama had riddled him with anxiety; he was in a new place, working around strangers, and had no nearby friends or immediate family to contact. This paranoia led him to distrust Debra. On several occasions, he accused her of cheating and threatened to take the kids away. Debra relented and soon ignored his accusations altogether. She reportedly told her parents that she was looking into divorce lawyers, and one friend recalls that Debra mentioned how Mark was physically abusive.
Around this time, Mark Barton had also gotten into trouble with his place of employment. His behavior and poor performance led to him being fired. One night, he broke into the building to sabotage computer data, resulting in him being arrested for burglary. Though he served a short jail sentence, the company declined to pursue further charges as long as Barton stayed away from his boss and limited contact with his former co-workers. This event drove the couple further apart. Bill Spivey, Debra's father, said that, during a phone call, his daughter casually mentioned how "it's a good day" when "Mark doesn't speak to [her]." They eventually refused to sleep in the same bed, with Mark choosing the couch.
One evening, Debra turned the tables on her husband, accusing him of being the unfaithful one. Her suspicions turned out to be true since Mark was, in fact, cheating. He had secretly been dating Leigh Ann Vandiver, a 20-year-old secretary. Vandiver was well-aware that Barton was married and had children, but it didn't stop their affair. Apparently a divorce was also on Mark's radar, and Leigh Ann didn't mind waiting. Her sister, Dana Reeves, expressed concern and chastised her.
"There were several times when I asked [Leigh Ann], 'How well do you know him?' and she would hesitate. When I found out that he was a married man, I was critical of her judgment."
But nothing swayed Leigh Ann's actions. She, too, was caught in a seemingly loveless marriage. She and David Lang had been high school sweethearts. While her family thought it was a match made in Heaven, Leigh Ann had a completely different viewpoint; they had rushed into things and, several months later, she realized that she wanted to be with someone else.
Mark continued to give Leigh Ann empty promises, so she stayed by his side.

1993 double homicide

Debra Barton and her mother, Eloise Spivey
Debra Barton and her mother, Eloise Spivey, had made plans for Labor Day Weekend. They rented a caravan at the Riverside Campground in Cedar Bluff, Alabama while leaving Mark in Atlanta with the kids. The two were last seen alive on the afternoon of September 4, walking peacefully around Riverside.
After failing to hear from his wife and daughter, Bill Spivey contacted a campground employee and asked if they could perform a wellness check. With no response from either Debra or Eloise after knocking on the door of their camper, the authorities were called. Upon making an entrance, two officers discovered the already-decomposing bodies of Debra Barton, aged 36, and Eloise Spivey, aged 59.
The day after Debra and Eloise had arrived at the campground, a man who had gone fishing for several hours was returning back to his caravan when he heard "a real loud fight." This was around 9 p.m., he later told police. He mentioned that he heard both a man and a woman yelling.
Another witness spotted a tall figure jogging away from a camper that turned out to be rented in Eloise Spivey's name. When asked to describe the figure, the witness recalled that it was a male, taller than 6'0" and weighing somewhere over 200 pounds. Unfortunately, the witness did not see a face because it was dark outside and could recall no other details. Another witness gave a similar account, but, instead of jogging, he referred to the figure as "running like [he'd] done something bad."
Though their graves indicate that they were murdered on September 4, a post-mortem investigation reveals that the two women were actually killed on the evening of September 5, which is backed up by the eyewitness accounts of a domestic disturbance coming from Spivey's camper.
An investigator stands by Eloise Spivey's rented camper
Various news sources cite Spivey and Barton as being stabbed, while others refer to their deaths as bludgeonings. However they died, the camper was a mess. The walls and floor were splattered with blood. It was noted that jewelry and cash had been strewn about, but nothing of value had been taken. In fact, a .32-caliber pistol, registered to Spivey, was found on the small kitchen counter. It was speculated that she'd brought the gun with her as a means of self-defense. Since Cedar Bluff and the surrounding areas weren't known to have a high crime rate, especially with violence, police theorize that Spivey was paranoid that "someone she knew" was following her and her daughter. Eerily enough, this proved to be true; the violence inflicted upon Debra Barton and Eloise Spivey appeared to be personal.
Bill Spivey was alerted to the homicides. He then contacted Mark Barton, fearing that he'd have to hear his son-in-law break down and sob over the phone. Oddly enough, Mark was calm and this surprised Bill. The two met up and drove down to Alabama. Bill recalls that Mark "didn't say much" during the car ride.
Riverside Campground in Cedar Bluff, Alabama
When they arrived at Riverside Campground, Bill heard Mark Barton say: "Huh, I've never been here before." He found that remark to be really suspicious and later told a nearby officer. Police were even more baffled at Barton's demeanor and behavior--he acted like nothing bad had happened. Not once did he ask how the pair had been killed. He didn't even appear to be sad. Thinking that Barton was just in shock, the investigation proceeded with officers asking him where he'd been on the evening of September 5. "I was at my house all day," Barton told them nonchalantly. "I was spending time with my kids."
Many had their suspicions about Barton right away. There was a limit as to what Alabama investigators could do, so authorities in Georgia were contacted and informed. Going back and forth, it was confirmed that, yes, Barton did have a criminal record, but nothing violent was found on his record.
A neighbor of the Barton family came forward a few days later, telling investigators that on September 5, he noticed that Barton's car had departed the residence "at some point after four-thirty in the afternoon." Then he mentioned that Barton hadn't returned until close to midnight. This contradicted Barton's claim that he'd been at home all day. If Barton had gone to Cedar Bluff then it would've been close to a two-hour drive. If he'd gotten back around midnight then he would've had plenty of time to go to Alabama, commit the murders, compose himself, and drive back.
Eventually, Mark Barton admitted that, yes, he'd left the house at one point, leaving the kids with Leigh Ann as a babysitter. But he hadn't gone to Alabama, he told them. First, he said he went shopping and then saw a movie; he couldn't provide receipts or a ticket, though. Mark then changed his story, claiming that he went to look for a new job. "That late in the afternoon?" he was asked. Mark Barton recanted everything and asked for a lawyer.
The sheriff went to Debra Barton's funeral to pay his respects. As soon as the service was over, he noticed that Mark was already hurrying outside. Even more shocking, Barton casually waited for a red car to pull up. Behind the wheel was Leigh Ann Vandiver, who had skipped the service altogether. The pair drove off, leaving Matthew and Michelle behind with their widowed grandfather. The sheriff was now definitely convinced that Mark Barton had something to do with the double homicide of his wife and mother-in-law.

Revelations and evidence

Leigh Ann and Mark, pictured in December 1994
Mark Barton and Leigh Ann Vandiver got married in 1995. Bill Spivey was repulsed and reportedly tried to get custody of his grandchildren, fearing that the worst was yet to come. But Mark was granted sole custody because he was their biological father and did all he could to cut Debra's surviving family members out of the picture. Even more so, Mark's own parents were given limited access to Matthew and Michelle.
"After the murders, I barely saw those kids," Bill Spivey once recalled. "I was lucky enough to visit them for their birthdays, but it still wasn't much. [Mark] didn't like having me around because he knew I thought he was guilty."
As the investigation proceeded, it was revealed that Mark Barton had taken out a $600,000 life insurance policy on Debra just a few weeks before she was killed. Of course, as big as this revelation was, it wouldn't have been enough to charge Barton and go to trial.
Mark and Leigh Ann took the kids and moved into an apartment in Stockbridge while investigators did all they could to try and connect Barton to the crime scene. Debra had sustained self-defense wounds, but there was no DNA of the killer underneath her fingernails. The only thing they had that potentially pointed to the killer's identity was vomit that had been discovered in the camper's toilet. This led to numerous theories, one of which being that Barton had thrown up after brutally killing his two family members.
"Whoever did this wasn't exactly a professional," said Richard Igou, one of the investigators. "They either lost control, rampaged, and came down from the adrenaline, or they had this planned but still couldn't stomach it."
In 1993, DNA testing wasn't as advanced as it is today. Even if it had been, vomit usually contains only shed cells, but it wouldn't have been easy to determine who it belonged to. Interrogating Mark Barton on what he had eaten the day his wife and mother-in-law died probably would've been seen as "silly" or useless. But the vomit proved to be a dead-end; the medical examiner, however, confirmed that it didn't belong to Debra Barton or Eloise Spivey, as the puke didn't match anything from the contents found in their stomachs.
The murders soon became a cold case. Anything that pointed to Barton was still on the grounds for speculation. His DNA hadn't been found at the scene, nobody confirmed that it was him who'd been running away from Spivey's camper, and Barton himself was refusing to talk to the authorities as the days went by, so a confession didn't exist or seem evident.
After just a few years of marriage, it's speculated that Leigh Ann wanted a divorce but was hesitant to leave because she feared what Mark would do if he was left alone with Matthew and Michelle
There was a point in the investigation when, in 1998, Leigh Ann was questioned. While she complied more than Barton ever had, she still didn't say much. She told them that she thought Mark was innocent but did admit that his behavior "bothered" her from time to time.
"Leigh Ann," one of the investigators told her, "if you don't feel safe living with him, or if he's threatened you, you need to tell us."
Reportedly, Leigh Ann Barton said that she was fine and that her main priority was making sure Matthew and Michelle were okay. After almost four years of marriage with Mark, there was a strong indication that she no longer viewed him as a successful, charming man. The 26-year-old woman left in a hurry and she never spoke with investigators again.

Barton's day-trading "career"

In 1994, Barton earned close to $600,000 from Debra's life insurance policy
From what we know, Mark Barton used the money he earned from Debra's life insurance policy to start his career in day-trading. To simply put it, day-trading was a way to check out the stocks and invest in them. It was a quick way to make cash but it was extremely risky.
In late-1998, Barton began day-trading at Momentum Securities. It was one of the eleven companies located at the Two Securities Center in Buckhead. Almost every day, Barton would drive from Stockbridge to Atlanta to invest in various stocks. On his best days, when he made tons of money, Barton was nicknamed "Rocket" or dubbed "The Rocket Man" due to his positive attitude and high energy. The first few weeks were promising for the former chemist. However, Barton didn't heed the warnings that he could lose money just as fast as he made it if he wasn't careful.
By May of 1999, Barton had gone through most of his money and was in debt of close to $100,000. Momentum Securities closed his account and informed him that he could no longer trade at their company. While Barton took this news extremely hard, he said that he understood their reason and left without incident.
Not one to be persuaded from day-trading, though, Mark Barton instead took the opportunity to invest elsewhere. Across the street from Momentum Securities was the Piedmont Center, which housed the offices of the All-Tech Investment Group. No more than a week after he'd been let go from Momentum, Barton was trading over at All-Tech.
The stock market was not too kind to Barton
Brent Doonan, a 25-year-old business school graduate and the co-founder of All-Tech, took notice of Barton immediately. He seemed to be a cheerful guy and had no problem giving the other traders advice on where to invest. Unbeknownst to Doonan, Mark had lied about his previous day-trading experience. He called himself a rookie and convinced everyone that he was new to the business. As he began to rake up another huge debt, All-Tech was contacted by Momentum Securities. Had Barton disclosed his debt of $100,000 that he owed to Momentum, All-Tech would've denied him an account.
Doonan was given the difficult task of informing Barton that they, too, would be closing his account. The pair had grown somewhat close and Doonan cringed at the idea of having to let a "good buddy" like Barton go. But his business partner reminded him that they were a new company and couldn't take a risk with someone like Mark O. Barton.
Barton understood All-Tech's position on the matter and promised Doonan that he'd return one day with all of the money that he owed them. He left without incident, just like he'd done at Momentum. But something about Mark's seemingly calm departure bothered Doonan and a few of the other employees.
"I guarantee you that's not the last of him that we'll see," a female co-worker told Doonan.

The Atlanta Day Trader Murders: July 29, 1999

A crime scene photo from the aftermath of the All-Tech shooting
On July 29, 1999, Brent Doonan was in a conference room when he was informed that Mark Barton was there to see him. "I think he's back with my money," Doonan joked quietly to a secretary. "He can come in! Mark?"
Barton popped his head into the room and said: "Hey Brent, you got a minute? Come here, you're gonna love this!"
Smiling, Doonan politely excused himself from the meeting and walked to his office with Barton in tow. Upon entering the small room, Barton closed the door and blinds. Confused, Doonan was waiting patiently for Barton to hand over a check or give him an update on the money he owed. Instead, Barton's smile faded. "Today," he said, towering over the five-foot-ten Doonan, "is going to be visual..."
In an instant, he pulled out two handguns and fired. Doonan felt "an intense pressure" in his chest, then he fell to the floor. Barton turned his attention to those who were outside of Doonan's office. Calmly walking out, he aimed at the table of day-traders on the main floor. Bang! Bang! Bang! Shots fired were fired at random. One man had no time to react and slumped dead in his seat, killed instantly by a shot to the head. Another person heard Barton taunt: "I hope this doesn't ruin your trading day!"
Nell Jones' computer after Barton had attempted to shoot her in the head
Taking aim at trader Nell Jones, Barton was caught off-guard by Doonan attempting to tackle him. The bullet missed Jones and wound up shattering her computer screen. Doonan's act of bravery gave numerous people time to flee, but the larger man overpowered him, firing rapidly towards Doonan's body. The 25-year-old was struck an additional three times but he managed to stagger down a hallway as Barton turned to shoot someone else.
As Doonan and others ran for their lives, 911 calls came flooding in, but not from All-Tech.
Unbeknownst to many, Barton had already opened fire elsewhere. A few minutes before he walked over to the Piedmont Center, Barton had gone to Momentum Securities to look for the office managers. One of them was on vacation but the other manager, Kevin Dial, wasn't so lucky. After attempting to speak with Barton, Dial was killed by numerous shots to the chest at close-range. Before he left Momentum, Barton killed four people and wounded several others. As he headed towards All-Tech, a civilian walked by and noticed the red blood droplets on Barton's legs and shorts. The civilian would later admit that he thought Barton "had just finished painting something."
Brent Doonan was a \"prime target\" in Barton's rampage
Doonan found his way to a service elevator, rapidly pressing the button as Barton's gunfire grew closer. As the doors opened, Doonan looked back to see Vadewattee Muralidhara running towards him. Barton "appeared out of nowhere" and shot her in the head. Doonan stumbled into the elevator and managed to close the doors as Barton raised his gun to finish him off. Panicking, Doonan went up instead of down. He found himself in another company's office, surrounded by strangers.
"I've been shot! He's shooting people!" Doonan told the workers. They hesitated, wondering if it was a prank. Doonan pleaded with them to get him, and themselves, inside of a locked room because Barton was probably coming upstairs to kill everybody.
In the confusion and mass hysteria, the workers tended to Doonan's wounds while calling 911. After nearly two hours, the SWAT team reached Doonan and took him to an ambulance. Had they arrived just a few minutes later, Doonan would have bled to death.
In less than thirty minutes, Mark Barton had killed nine people in two different locations, wounded numerous bystanders, and evaded police as he drove off in his green minivan.

Barton's suicide and the murders in Stockbridge

Mark Barton's body is removed from his green minivan after he commits suicide
A few hours later, police received a lead that Mark O. Barton was in Acworth.
After failing to take a teenage girl hostage, Barton veered on to the highway, where a patrolman spotted him driving erratically. Within minutes, his vehicle was cornered at a Shell gas station. Backup arrived and they ordered Barton to surrender. As they approached his minivan, Barton put his Colt .45 against his temple and fired, killing himself instantly. He was 44-years-old.
When they could not make contact with his immediate family, the door to Barton's apartment in Stockbridge was kicked in. Leigh Ann Vandiver Barton, aged 27, was found in the hallway closet; Mark had bludgeoned her to death with a hammer, presumably while she slept. Upon further inspection, Matthew, aged 11, and Michelle, aged 8, were found in a back bedroom. They were also killed with the same weapon. Barton had tucked them into their beds and left individual notes on their bodies, explaining why they had to perish. Michelle's baby doll was found cradled in her arm; next to Matthew's body was a toy truck.
Left to right, the Bartons: Michelle, Leigh Ann, Mark, and Matthew
Another note was found on the coffee table in the living room. Mark Barton explained that he killed Leigh Ann two nights prior, on July 27, because "she was one of the main reasons for his demise." He killed Matthew and Michelle the next night, on July 28, after taking them out to dinner and buying them toys at a nearby Wal-Mart. Barton also explained in his suicide note that he killed the children in order to "spare them from a lifetime of pain." He says that he couldn't imagine them growing up and living in the shadow of "what he had planned to do [in Atlanta]."
Barton spoke of his first wife and mother-in-law, but he still denied having anything to do with their murders. He mentioned "waking up at night [...] nobody should feel that level of fear while alive." He acknowledged that something was wrong with his mental health but he couldn't explain it.
I don't plan to live very much longer, just long enough to kill as many of the people that greedily sought my destruction, Barton's letter concludes.


Brent Doonan survived Barton's killing spree after being shot five times and nearly bleeding to death
After being shot five times, Brent Doonan underwent numerous surgeries, which included having one of his ribs removed, as well as a portion of his diaphragm. In 2006, he helped co-write the book Murder at the Office, which detailed Mark Barton's early life, killing spree, and Doonan's road to recovery. He is now married with a son.
Several people who were wounded during Barton's killing spree also faced permanent injuries. One survivor committed suicide a few years later.
Bill Spivey criticized the investigators of his daughter and wife's murders, claiming that if they'd done more and arrested Barton years earlier, then "twelve more people wouldn't have died at his hands." Spivey passed away in 2005.
On the tenth anniversary of the shootings, a few former investigators who handled the 1993 double homicide agreed in unison that Mark Barton was "absolutely responsible" for the deaths of Debra Barton and her mother, Eloise Spivey.
Barton's mother was once quoted as saying that she couldn't comprehend or understand her son's actions, but that she forgives him.
The All-Tech Investment Group disbanded a few years after the massacre, despite support from the community. The same thing happened to Momentum Securities, who was unable to recover from the tragedy. The buildings where the massacres took place still stand to this day.


  • Leigh Ann Vandiver Barton, 27
  • Matthew Barton, 11
  • Michelle Barton, 8
  • Russell J. Brown, 42
  • Dean Delawalla, 52
  • Joseph J. Dessert, 60
  • Kevin Dial, 38
  • Jamshid Havash, 45
  • Vadewattee Muralidhara, 44
  • Allen Charles Tenenbaum, 48
  • Edward Quinn, 58
  • Scott A. Webb, 30
  • Debra Barton, 36\*
  • Eloise Spivey, 59\*
*While Mark Barton was never officially charged with the murder, I feel it's appropriate to remember them, too. I also believe that he is responsible for their deaths due to strong evidence.
Sources: Murder at the Office, AP Archives, Wikipedia, Who The F\*k Did I Hire?*
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DayZ Epoch - Trading Post Camper KIDNAP!

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Saying “I’m pregnant” is not going to get any sympathy from me, sorry

My husband and I have a generator for sale on Facebook marketplace. My husband inherited it, and it’s pretty old so we have it for sale for cheap. We have it posted for $250 obo.
This Mombie messages me and offers us “2 12 inch subs and a box” as a trade. I said no, as we aren’t interested in trading for it. And we don’t want subs anyway. She says “I’m desperate for my fiancé I’m pregnant we just moved from a tent blessed with a camper and me and the dogs deserve some normal life”
Ummm if you live in a tent maybe you shouldn’t get pregnant?? It’s crazy to me how much special treatment pregnant ladies expect. Yea I’ll give you my seat on the subway, because it’s literally illegal not to, but a generator for free? Sorry, lady, but that’s not happening. It never ends either, next she’ll be posting saying “please help us we have a newborn and we live in a camper” seriously, you should have got a job, not pregnant.
I did offer to knock off $50, because I’m not ENTIRELY made of stone. She didn’t even acknowledge my offer. Honestly, I feel more sympathy for the dogs than for the incubator and uterine parasite.
Edit to clarify.
By “subs” I believe she meant 2 12 inch subwoofers and a box to mount them on, but I typed it out exactly how she did. Sandwiches or woofers, I don’t want to trade for either, haha.
Though I am now concerned that I missed out on being the owner of 2 submarines, thanks guys lol /s
I decided to check out her FB profile, and she already has a 4 year old boy as well, smh. It appears she and her fiancé both have decent cars, and she really likes posting about how mentally unstable she is.
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I just bought the fixer plan if someone wanted to trade is it more valuable to eventually find a legendary version and trade it, or just straight up give someone the plan?

I heard when you learn the plan you can get legendary version from random drops
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I went through every post on this subreddit and collected all the book recommendations.

The Popes
Pope Leo XIII
  • Quod apostolici muneris
  • Rerum Novarum
  • Graves de communi re
  • Diuturnum
  • Immortale Dei
  • Inscrutable Dei Consilio
Pope Pius XI
  • Quadragesimo Anno
  • Nova impendet
  • Non abbiamo bisogno
  • Divini Redemptoris
  • Ubi arcano Dei consilio
St. Pope John Paul II the Great
  • Laborem exercens
  • Centesismus Annus
  • Pope Paul VI
  • Populorum progression
Pope John XXIII
  • Mater et magistra
  • Pacem in terries
  • Sollicitudo Rei Socialis
Pope Francis
  • Evangelii guadium
  • Laudato si’
  • Frattelli Tutti
St. Pope Gregory the Great
  • Pastoral Care
The Saints
St. Basil the Great
  • On Social Justice
  • Homily on Psalm 14, Against Usury
St. Origen of Alexandria
  • On First Principles
  • Against Celsus
St. Thomas More
  • Utopia
St. John Henry Newman
  • Loss and Gain
  • Grammar of Assent
  • Dream of Gerontius
Saint John Chrysostom
  • On Wealth and Poverty
  • On Marriage and the Family Life
  • On Living Simply
Saint Ambrose
  • On Naboth
  • On The Duties of the Clergy
  • On Widows
  • De Tobia
The Distributists
G. K. Chesterton
  • Orthodoxy
  • Utopia of Usurers
  • The Bluff of Big Shops
  • The Outline of Sanity
  • What’s Wrong with the World
  • A Miscellany for Men
  • A Short History of England
  • How Not to do It
  • Eugenics and Other Evils: An Argument Against the Scientifically Organized State
  • In Defense of Sanity
  • A Comic Peasant’s Song
  • Democracy and Industrialism
  • Sex and Property
  • Reflections on a Rotten Apple
  • A Misunderstanding about Method
  • Saint Francis of Assisi
  • What I Saw in America
  • Fancies Versus Fads
  • The New Witness
Hilaire Belloc
  • The Serville State
  • The Free Press
  • On the Restoration of Property
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  • Do We Agree? A Debate Between G. K. Chesterton and Bernard Shaw with Hilaire Belloc in the Chair.
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  • Beyond Capitalism and Socialism: A New Statement of an Old Ideal
David W. Cooney
  • Distributism Basics: An Explanation
Christopher A. Ferrara
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  • Liberty: The God that Failed
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  • The Law the Lawyers Know About
John Forrest Sharpe
  • Distributist Perspectives: Volume 1
  • Distributist Perspectives: Volume 2
  • Neo-Conned! Again: Hypocrisy, Lawlessness, and the Rape of Iraq
  • Neo-Conned!: Just War Principles: A Condemnation of the War in Iraq
Levi Russell
  • Usury and Interest: Correcting Modern Errors
  • A Family Wage Prioritizes Conservative Values and Would Solve Coronavirus Childcare Dilemmas
  • Our Overcentralized Food Supply Chain is Breaking Down
The Capitalists
Wilhelm Ropke
  • A Humane Economy
  • The Social Crisis of Our Time
  • Crises and Cycles
  • The German Question
Henry George
  • Progress and Poverty
  • Our Land Policy
  • Protection or Free Trade
  • Shortest Road to the Single Tax
  • Social Problems
  • The Condition of Labor: An Open Letter to Pope Leo XIII; With Encyclopedial Letter of Pope Leo XIII, On the Condition of Labo

Elinor Ostrom
  • Governing the Commons
Louis Kelso
  • The New Capitalists
  • Democracy and Economic Power
  • The Capitalist Manifesto
  • Two Factor Theory. The Economics of Reality
Adam Smith
  • Theory of Moral Sentiments
  • Wealth of Nations
John Kenneth Galbraith
  • American Capitalism
  • The Affluent Society
  • The New Industrial State
  • The Great Crash, 1929
  • Economics and the Public Purpose
  • The Culture of Contentment
Nicolaus Tideman
  • Land and Taxation
Michael Hudson
  • ...and Forgive Them Their Debts: Lending, Foreclosure and Redemption from Bronze Age Finance to the Jubilee Year
  • J is For Junk Economics: A Guide to Reality in an Age of Deception
  • Killing the Host
  • The Bubble and Beyond
  • Urbanization and Land Ownership in the Ancient Near East
The Socialists
John Stuart Mill
  • Principles of Political Economy
Karl Polanyi
  • The Great Transformation
  • Socialist Accounting
Thorstein Veblen
  • The Theory of The Leisure Class
  • Conspicuous Consumption
  • The Engineers and the Price System
  • The Theory of Business Enterprise
Victor Hugo
  • Les Miserables
Guy Debord
  • The Society of the Spectacle
Frantz Fanon
  • The Wretched of the Earth
  • Black Skin, White Masks
R. H. Tawney
  • Religion and the Rise of Capitalism
  • Acquisitive Society
Richard D. Wolff
  • Understanding Marxism
George Orwell
  • Homage to Catalonia
  • 1984
G. D. H. Cole
  • Guild Socialism Restated
S. G. Hobson
  • National Guilds: An Inquiry Into the Wage System and the Way Out
  Derek Wall
  • Elinor Ostrom’s Rules for Radicals
Fred L. Block
  • Origins of International Economic Disorder: Study of the United States International Monetary Policy From WW II to the Present
  • The Ruling Class Does Not Rule
  • The Vampire State and Other Myths and Fallacies About the U. S. Economy
  • Postindustrial Possibilities: A Critique of Economic Discourse
  • The Mean Season: The Attack on the Welfare State
  • Revising State Theory: Essays In Politics and Postindustrialism
  • Capitalism Without Class Power  • The Power of Market Fundamentalism: Karl Polyani’s Critique
  • Capitalism: Future of Illusion
Thomas Sankara
  • Thomas Sankara Speaks: the Burkina Faso Revolution
  • We are the Heirs of the World’s Revolutions
  • Women’s Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle
Alfred Richard Orage
  • An Alphabet on Economics
William Morris
  • L’Age de Ersatz
  • How We Live and How We Might Live
  • L’Art et L’Artisant
  • Art and Labor
  • La civilisation et le travail
  • On Machinery
  • Monopoly: How Labour is Robbed
  • Useful Work Vs. Useless Toil
  • Art and Industry in the Fourteenth Century
  • News from Nowhere
The Mutualists
Kevin Carson
  • The Iron Fist Behind the Invisible Hand
  • Libertarian Theory of Organization
  • Studies in a Mutualist Political Economy
  • Desktop Regulatory State
Wendell Berry
  • Sex, Economy, Freedom, and Community
  • Art of the Commonplace
  • Bringing it to the Table
  • Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture
  • The Gift of Good Land: Further Essays, Cultural and Agricultural
  • Meeting the Expectations of the Land: Essays in Sustainable Agriculture and Stewardship
  • Home Economics
  • What are People For?
Karl Hess
  • Community Technology
  • Common Sense Strategy for Survivalists
  • Capitalism for Kids
Colin Ward
  • Autonomy, Solidarity, and Possibility: The Colin Ward Reader
  • Sociable Cities: The Legacy of Ebenezer Howard
  • Havens and Springboards
  • New Town, Home Town: The Lessons of Experience
  • Freedom to Go: After the Motor Age
  • Welcome, Thinner City: Urban Survival in the 1990s
  • The Child in the Country
  • Goodnight Campers!
  • When We Build Again: Let’s Have Housing that Works!
  • Arcadia For All: The Legacy of a Makeshift Landscape
  • The Child in the City
  • Streetwork: The Exploding School
  • Work
  • Housing: An Anarchist Approach
  • Talking Green
  • Cotters and Squatters
  • Reflected in Water
  • Talking to Architects
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
  • What is Property?
Benjamin Tucker
  • Instead of a book by a man to busy to write one; a fragmentary exposition on philosophical anarchism
  • Liberty: Not the Daughter but the Mother of Order
  • Individual Liberty: Selections from the Writings of B. R. Tucker
  • State Socialism and Anarchism and Other Essays
The Anarchists
Shane Claiborne
  • The Irresistible Revolution
Peter Kroptkin
  • Fields, Factories, and Workshops
  • Conquest of Bread
  • Mutual Aid: A Factor in Evolution
  • The State: Its Historic Role
Jacques Ellul
  • The Technological Society
  • The Meaning of the City
  • Money and Power
  • The Political Illusion
Simone Weil
  • Need for Roots
Paul Goodman
  • Communitas
  • Growing Up Absurd
  • Utopian Essays and Practical Proposals
  • Community of Scholars
  • Compulsory Miseducation
  • People or Personnel
  • Like a Conquered Province
Murray Bookchin
  • Ecology of Freedom
  • Our Synthetic Environment
  • The Next Revolution
  • Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchsim
  • Post-Scarcity Anarchism
  • Urbanization Without Cities
  • From Urbanization to Cities
  • The Modern Crisis
  • Limits of the City
Leopold Kohr
  • Small is Beautiful
  • Inner City: From Mud to Marble
  • Development Without Aid: The Translucent Society
  • Overdeveloped Nations: Diseconomies of Scale
  • Breakdown of Nations
  • Disunion Now
David Graeber
  • Towards an Anthropological Theory of Value
  • The Debt: The First 5000 Years
  • Utopia of Rules
  • Bullshit Jobs
Leo Tolstoy
  • What is to be Done?
  • The Kingdom of God is Within You
  • A Confession
  • Resurrection
William Batchelder Greene
  • Mutual Banking
Ammon Hennacy
  • The Autobiography of a Catholic Anarchist
  • Book of Ammon
  • The One-Man Revolution in America
The Libertarians
David Beito
  • From Mutual Aid to the Welfare State: Fraternal Societies and Social Services
Albert Jay Nock
  • Our Enemy, the State
Ross Fitzgerald
  • The Pope’s Battalions
Thomas Woods
  • The Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy
The Liberals
Orestes Brownson
  • The American Republic
Thomas Paine
  • Rights of Man
  • Agrarian Justice
Etienne Borne
  • A Philosophy of Work
Andrew Yang
  • The War on Normal People
Robert Reich
  • The System: Who Rigged it and How to Fix It
  • Supercapitalism
Thomas Piketty
  • Capital in the Twenty First Century
  • Capital and Ideology
  • Why Save the Bankers?
  • Chronicles: On Our Troubled Times
  • Top Incomes in France in the Twentieth Century
Matt Taibbi
  • Hate Inc.
  • The Great Derangment
  • Griftopia
  • The Divide
  • Insane Clown President
  • I Can’t Breathe
Thorold Rogers
  • Six Centuries of Work and Labor
Huey Long
  • Every Man A King
  • My First Days in the White House&
Louis Brandeis
  • Other People’s Money and How the Bankers Use It
Alexis de Tocqueville
  • Democracy in America
  • The Old Regime and Revolution
Jean-Paul Marat
  • A Philosophical Essay on Man
  • The Chains of Slavery
Edmund Burke
  • A Vindication of Natural Society
  • Thoughts on the Cause of Our Present Discontents
  • Reflections on the Revolution in France
Theodore Roosevelt
  • Essays on Practical Politics
  • American Problems
  • The New Nationalism
  • The Conservation of Womanhood and Childhood
  • Progressive Principles
  • History as Literature and Other Essays
  • Realizable Ideals
  • Fear God and Take Your Own Part
The Philosophers
John F. Kavanaugh
  • Following Christ in a Conusmer Society
  • Who Count as Persons?: Human Identity and the Ethics of Killing
  • Faces of Poverty: Faces of Christ
John Rawls
  • Collected Papers
  • Theory of Justice
  • Political Liberalism
  • Tao Te Ching
Zhuang Zhou
  • Zhuangzi
St. Thomas Aquinas
  • Summa Theologiae: Second Part of the Second Part: Questions 66, 77, 78
  • Politics
  • Nicomachean Ethics
  • Oeconomicus
George Bataille
  • Visions of Excess
  • The Accursed Share
Gary Chartier
  • Anarchy and the Legal Order
  • Economic Justice and Natural Law
Marcus Aurelius
  • Meditations
  • Letters from a Stoic
  • Republic
  • Crito
  • Euthyphro
  • Phaedo
  • Timaeus
  • Critias
Henry David Thoreau
  • Walden
Martin Heidegger
  • The Question Concerning Technology
Ludwig Klages
  • Cosmogonic Reflections
  • Biocentric Worldview
Owen Barfield
  • Saving the Appearances
Byung-Chul Han
  • The Burnout Society
  • The Transparency Society
  • Pyschopolitics
Ananda Coomaraswamy
  • Am I My Brother’s Keeper?
  • The Village Community and Modern Progress
Rama P. Coomaraswamy
  • The Essential Ananda K. Coomaraswamy
Alasdair MacIntyre
  • After Virtue
  • Enchiridion
Musonius Rufus
  • Lectures and Sayings
Jacques Maritain
  • Freedom in the Modern World
  • Temporal Regime and Liberty
  • Things that are Not Ceasar’s
  • Integral Humanism
Emmanual Mounier
  • La Revolution Personnaliste et Communautaire
  • A Personalist Manifesto
  • De la Propriete Capitaliste a la Propriete Humaine
James Schall
  • Another Kind of Learning
  • Reason, Revelation, and the Foundation of Political Philosophy
  • Human Dignity and Human Numbers
  • Christianity and Politics
  • Church, State, and Society in the Thought of John Paul II
  • The Politics of Heaven and Hell
  • Religion, Wealth, and Poverty
  • At the Limits of Political Philosophy
  • Roman Catholic Political Philosophy
  • The Modern Age
  • The Mind that is Catholic
  • Ethics and Economics
Romano Guardini
  • The Church and the Catholic
  • The End of the Modern World
Mortimer Adler
  • What Man Has Made of Man
  • How to Think About God
  • How to Read a Book
Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • The Conduct of Life
  • De Officiis
Ivan Illich
  • Deshcooling Society
  • Tools for Conviviality
  • Medical Nemesis
  • Blasphemy: A Radical Critique of Our Technological Culture
  • Energy and Equity
  • The Right to Useful Unemployment
  • Toward a History of Needs
  • Shadow Work
  • Gender
  • ABC: The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind
  • In the Mirror of the Past
  • The Corruption of Christianity
  • Beyond Economics and Ecology
Arthur F. Utz
  • Freedom and the Bonding of Property
  • Ethics and Politics. Current Basic Questions of Social, Economic, and Legal Philosophy
  • Between Neo-Liberalism and Neo-Marxism
  • The Social Order
Michael Foucault
  • Society Must be Defended
  • Security, Territory, Population
  • The Birth of Biopolitics
Giorgio Agamben
  • The Man Without Content
  • Infancy and History: The Destruction of Experience
  • The Coming Community
  • Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life
  • Remnants of Auschwitz: The Witness and the Archive.
  • State of Exception
  • The Highest Poverty
Roger Scruton
  • The Politics of Culture and Other Essays
  • The Meaning of Conservatism
  • A Dictionary of Political Thought
  • Fools, Frauds, and Firebrands: Thinkers of the New Left
  • How to Think Seriously About the Planet: The Case For an Environmental Conservatism
  • Green Philosophy
  • The Face of God: The Gifford Lectures
  • The Soul of the World
  • How to be a Conservative
  • On Human Nature
Ferdinand Tonnies
  • Community and Society
  • The Present Problem of the Social Structure
  • On Public Opinion
  • On Social Ideas and Ideologies
  • Classification of Sociology. Journal of the Complete Political Science/ Institutional and Theoretical Economics
Ibn Khaldun
  • Muqaddimah
Georg Simmel
  • The Philosophy of Money
  • The Metropolis and Mental Life
William James
  • Is Life Worth Living?
  • The Will to Believe
Edmund Husserl
  • Phenomenology and the Crisis of Philosophy: Philosophy as Rigorous Science and Philosophy and the Crisis of the European Man
  • The Crisis of European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology: An Introduction to Phenomenological Philososphy
Blanc de Saint-Bonnet
  • L'Unité Spirituelle
  • De la Douleur
  • La Restauration Francaise
  • L'Affaiblissement de la Raison
  • Politique Réelle
  • L'Infaillibilité
  • La Raison. Philosophie Fondamentale
  • La Légitimité
  • La Loi Électorale et les Deux Chambres
  • Le XVIIIe Siècle
  • Le Socialisme et la Société
  • L'Amour et la Chute
Jose Ortega y Gasset
  • Meditations on Hunting
  • Revolt of the Masses
  • Some Lessons in Metaphysics
  • History as a System and Other Essays Towards a Philosophy of History
  • Mission of the University
  • Man & People
  • Historical Reason
Immanuel Kant
  • Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals
  • Metaphysics of Morals
Erik von Kneuhnelt-Leddin
  • The Menace of the Herd
  • Liberty or Equality
  • The Timeless Christian
  • Meditations on the First Philosophy
Kenneth Minogue
  • The Serville Mind
The Agrarians
Twelve Southerners
  • I’ll Take My Stand: The South and the Agrarian Tradition
Barbara Kingsolver
  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
Wes Jackson
  • Becoming Native to this Place
  • New Roots for Agriculture
  • Nature as a Measure
Carleen Madigan
  • The Backyard Homestead
Ben Falk
  • The Resilient Farm and Homestead
Brett L. Markham
  • Mini Farming
Masanobu Fukuoka
  • The One-Straw Revolution
  • The Natural Way of Farming
  • The Road Back to Nature
  • Sowing Seeds in the Desert
The Editors of Storey Publishing's Country Wisdom Bulletins
  • Country, Wisdom, and Know-How
Suzanne Ashworth
  • Seed to Seed
Ralph Borsodi
  • The Flight from the City
  • The Distribution Age
  • This Ugly Civilization
  • Prosperity and Security: A Study in Realistic Economics
Colin Tudge
  • Six Steps Back to the Land: Why We Need Small Mixed Farms and Millions More Farmers
  • Feeding People is Easy
  • So Shall We Reap
  • The Engineer in the Garden
Richard Williamson
  • The Rural Solution: Modern Catholic Voices on Going Back to the Land
H. J. Massingham
  • Prophesy of Famine: A Warning and a Remedy
National Catholic Rural Life Conference
  • Manifesto on Rural Life
The Traditionalists
Daniel Schwindt
  • Catholic Social Teaching: A New Synthesis
  • The Case Against the Modern World
  • There Must Be More Than This
Rod Dreher
  • The Benedict Option
  • Crunchy Cons
Raido  • A Handbook of Traditional Living
Rene Guenon
  • Saving Quantity and a Sign of the Times
  • Crisis of the Modern World
Seyyed Hossein Nasr
  • The Essential Frithjof
Andras Laszlo
  • Solum Ipsum
Jean Borella
  • Guenonian Esoterism and Christian Mystery
L. Brent Bozell Jr.
  • The Best of Triumph
  • The Warren Revolution
Arnold Lunn
  • The Flight From Reason
  • Difficulties
  • Is Christianity True?
Pierre Guillaume Frederic le Play
  • The Organization of Labor in Accordance with Custom and the Law of the Decalogue  • Household Economy
  • Frederic le Play on Family, Work, and Social Change&
nbsp; • Social Reform in France
Karl Ludwig von Haller
  • Restoration of the Science of the State
Thomas Molnar
  • Bernanos: His Political Thought and Prophecy
  • The Decline of the Intellectual
  • Utopia, the Perennial Heresy
  • God and the Knowledge of Reality
  • Authority and Its Enemies
  • Return to Philosophy
Pat Buchanan
  • The Great Betrayal: How American Sovereignty and Social Justice are being Sacrificed to the gods of Global Economy
  • Conservative Votes, Liberal Victories
Russell Kirk
  • The Conservative Mind
  • The Essential Russell Kirk
Richard Weaver
  • Ideas Have Consequences
  • The Ethics of Rhetoric
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  • The Idiot
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Charles A. Coulombe
  • Puritan’s Empire
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Donoso Cortes
  • Essay on Catholicism, Liberalism, and Socialism, Considered in their Fundamental Principles
  • Readings in Political Theory
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  • The Morality of Everyday Life
Father Dennis Fahey
  • Money Manipulation and the Social Order
  • The Church and Farming
  • Mental Prayer According to the Teaching of Saint Thomas Aquinas
Charles Maurras
  • L’avenir de l’intelligence
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Atila Sinke Guimarães
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  • Catholic Manual of Civility
Architecture and Urban Design
Christopher Alexander
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  • Pattern Language
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Ebenezer Howard
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Dennis Hardy
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  • Cities that Don’t Cost the Earth
  • The Urban Sea: Cities of the Mediterranean
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  • The Size of a City
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  • Building and Architecture
  • The Reconstruction of a European City
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Timothy Morton
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Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
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Toby Hemenway
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Stephen Buhner
  • Plant Intelligence and Imaginal Realms
Frank Bergon
  • The Wilderness Reader
Ehrenfried Pfeiffer
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  • Natural Capitalism
  • Drawdown
  • Blessed Unrest
  • Ecology of Commerce
  • The Next Economy
John Jeavons
  • Grow Biointensive: A Beginner’s Guide
  • How to Grow More Vegetables
  • The Sustainable Vegetable Garden
  • The Backyard Homestead
  • Lazy-Bed Gardening
David Flemin
g  • Lean Logic
  • Surviving the Future
James A. Corbett
  • A Sanctuary for All Life
  • Goatwalking
Amory Lovins
  • Energy Strategy: The Road Not Taken
  • Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution
  • Small is Profitable
  • Reinventing Fire
  • Winning the Oil Endgame
Kirkpatrick Sale
  • Human Scale
  • Dwellers in the Land
  • Rebels Against the Future
  • After Eden
  • Human Scale Revisited
Lewis Dartnell
  • The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch
Ellen Zachos
  • Backyard Foraging
Daisy Luther
  • The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide
Department of the Army
  • The Illustrated Guide to Edible Wild Plants
Peter A. Dykeman and Thomas Elias
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H. Ward Silver
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Deep Ecology
Bill McKibben
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  • Wisdom in the Open Air
Derrick Jensen
  • Myth of Human Supremacy
Pentti Linkola
  • Can Life Prevail?
Dave Foreman
  • Take back Conservation
Fritjof Capra
  • The Web of Life
  • The Tao of Physics
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A Thief's Journal: Week 4 - Feeding Frenzy

5/3 - 5/10/2020

Oshaima - Black Site Alpha (Apocalypse Holdings Incorporated)
Found: 4/29 7:51pm
Unanchored: 5/3 3:25pm
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 685,300,000 ISK
Scooped: Shamus
Sadly I missed their Raitaru, I was sleeping and they were set up right, glad I woke up to the alarm and was able to scoop this one though. The CEO was on grid in a badger but he was at exactly 150km and didn’t have any play room to get speed up. Made it into station without a fuss and the CEO just disconnected from system chat without saying anything. This one finishes off my Clone Upgrade costs and anything else will continue my profits.

10:41am - Anatoly Pasechnuy shows up on grid in a Crane on the perimeter of the Athanor, Skinnyminer showed up in an Orca, he isn't part of the Corp but was a member back in 2017
10:48am - ShieldAndSword shows up in a Raven

Kulelen - AELP Bur (Academy ELP)
Found: 4/29 7:02pm
Unanchored: 5/3 10:55am
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 685,200,000 ISK
Scooped: Shane

With Anatoly Pasechnuy showing up on grid in a Crane and then shortly followed by ShieldAndSword who released their drones to prep, I was hovering over the controls ready to engage warp and prep the scoop. It was kind of sad that they were just sitting there waiting for it to unanchor and not knowing the mechanics behind it. It popped out a Hanger Container that I risked the biscuit for and was able to land on grid at the same time as Anatoly who warped to station and back to it. I snagged 1,551 Standup Cruise Missiles, Est value is only 15mil extra but hey extra is extra.

ShieldAndSword messaged in System Chat that he wishes the worst for Shane and hopes he burns in hell. Shane told him it'd be an improvement and would be warmer than where he was, like really, space is cold and ya can't run the heaters all the time when cloaking.

This one finishes Shane's Upgrade Cost and anything else will be profit or future upgrades.

Kulelen - Jin'taan (Farscape Deepspace Initiative)
Found: 4/29 7:06pm
Unanchored 5/3 1:45pm
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 650,000,000 ISK
Scooped: Shane
There was an unaffiliated Tayra on field piloted by Artie Katelo, from the looks of it he was part of the Alliance that the owning corporation was with. He was slow boating from the perimeter when it popped and Shane landed on grid. He said it popped out a Hanger container as well and he was able to drop the Athanor in a neighboring freeport that was a quick 2s warp and he was able to return and get the Standup Moon Drill which goes for around 110mil.
This one is pure profit on Shanes account.

Artie got in touch with Shane asking if there was any way they could get the Athanor and Drill back, he told them 700,000,000 for Cleaning and Impound fees. Apparently the owner went afk and asked an alliance member to scoop it up for him. Well it seems the owner might be asleep, I gave Artie some tips and told him I would be keeping the structure.

Standup Moon Drill I x 1; 110,900,000 ISK

1:45pm - Martens Rin from Oisio - Wieliczka connects to System chat, no activity on grid with the structure, I also remember seeing the founder a few systems away earlier in the day. Didn’t make a note of it though.
2:54pm - OldTentSkin Hendar connects to Diaderi System Chat, the Azbel there is within 4 hours of 7 days since discovery. Hopefully he didn’t reset it…
3:28pm - Both TCMs are still in systems and there is still no activity on their respective grids
3:30pm - OldTentSkin Hendar disconnects from system chat, 3 hours to go. Did he just restart it?
3:57pm - Mogul Holdings activity. Took all the stations away from the public, no longer public docking access. Hopefully this means that it will be later today and not that he reset them…
7:56pm - the Lives group connected to Ambeke System chat and were active for a bit. I saw that they have a battleship flown by Knives Lives who is actually not a member of the Corp but I'm going to assume he is the main clone of the Lives group (Fork lives, Plate Lives, Spatula Lives) he seems to be the oldest out of the bunch.

Waira - EVE-Mogul Trade Post (Yeti Excavation Services)
Found: 5/1 4:30pm
Unanchored: 5/3 8:03pm
Structure: Azbel
Sold: 4,100,000,000 ISK
Scooped: Drak'ma
Man this was the first Large structure we were actually in front of the screens for. I was actually paying attention to the other screens when this one went off and I got the asset safety notification. Frenzy mode ensued, as I decloaked and started the maneuver. Out of the corner of my eye I see a freighter on grid, I'm just praying I land before it does and am able to warp away before anything can happen. While I'm in warp I get the notification of the Athanor in system popping so instead of jumping the Orca to a station I warp directly to the perch of the Athanor, freshly as a suspect.

Waira - VIII-02 PENDING SALE (Yeti Excavation Services)
Found: 5/1 4:32pm
Unanchored: 5/3 8:04pm
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 600,000,000 ISK
Scooped: Drak'ma
So here I am in an Orca already suspect status and landing on the perch for the Athanor, Grid is clear. If I'm going I'm going now, I don’t even let the ship finish spooling down from its previous warp before I'm engaging it again towards the compressed Athanor. Success! Now time to dock, yet another Warp engaged before the ship could spool all the way down. Glad these Industrial command ships can take the heat, because man if this was a normal ship I'm sure I would have burnt out the drive and stranded myself.

The Freighter Pilot: Gallente Citizen 93684819 reached out in the System chat to congratulate Drak'ma on a job well done, he wasn’t worried if he could get it or not, he just didn’t want it to burn in the coming months. Drak'ma told him that she will be well taken care of.

Irjunen - II-2 (Mogul Holdings)
Found: 4/30 9:30am
Unanchored: 5/3 8:10pm
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 600,000,000 ISK
Scooped: Tiamat
Not five minutes after Drak'ma had completed his scoops, Tiamat got hit with a frenzy, First Irjunen popped which was a system over from where he was stationed. He made it through the gate and onto the structure in time and was able to nab it. While dropping it off and returning to his staging system, alarms started to go off left and right. The pod had popped.

Inari - IX-08 EVE-Mogul (Mogul Holdings)
Found: 4/30 8:39pm
Unanchored: 5/3 8:16pm
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 600,000,000 ISK
Scooped: Tiamat
This was the first one that I warped to and scooped, there was a hauler on grid with it and the pilot was Sir kumquat, he was on top of it but unable to scoop it he said after I scooped it from under him and headed to drop off, there were more to be had.


Inari - X-02 EVE-Mogul (Mogul Holdings)
Found: 4/30 8:40pm
Unanchored: 5/3 8:16pm
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 683,700,000 ISK
Scooped: Tiamat
Feeding frenzy time!!! The dude scheduled them all for the same exact time!!!

Inari - VII-13 EVE-Mogul (Mogul Holdings)
Found: 4/30 8:41pm
Unanchored: 5/3 8:16pm
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 610,000,000 ISK
Scooped: Tiamat
Not even Docking at this point, warping back and forth from another structure to the unanchored Athanors, gotta be quick! Go, Go, Go, Go, Go!

Inari - VII-24 EVE-Mogul (Mogul Holdings)
Found: 4/30 8:42pm
Unanchored: 5/3 8:16pm
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 600,000,000 ISK
Scooped: Tiamat

Inari - VII-02 EVE-Mogul (Mogul Holdings)
Found: 4/30 8:42pm
Unanchored: 5/3 8:16pm
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 600,000,000 ISK
Scooped: Tiamat
Met up with Sir Kumquat again at this one and was able to scoop it from under him again, he waved in System chat and warped off. Saying that upwell is bugging out and he was getting "Item is invulnerable" when he tried to scoop it. Said he was going to talk with the Upwell guys about it and see if they will replace any of the Athanors he just lost.

Inari - VIII-01 EVE-Mogul (Mogul Holdings)
Found: 4/30 8:42pm
Unanchored: 5/3 8:16pm
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 600,000,000 ISK
Scooped: Tiamat
Ran into another hauler at this one, Katharine Fletcher, they landed on grid a little bit after I was already landed and scooping. Again they called out in System chat and said nice job. Still one left to go! As Katharine says "All but the one I got, nice job though" and it was like oooh damn, so close to a perfect pod.

Man what a rush, I skipped over the shakes part and went straight to shock, I really couldn’t believe that I had just scooped 9 structures in the last 20 minutes. In total the appraisal value is 9.6 billion on this pod alone, that’s not including what has already been scooped so far for this week, or for the weekend in total. Man what a Sunday, and way to start the new week off. Man this one is a record breaker for me


8:30pm - Jim Halescott invites Tiamat to a convo about the Thieves guild. He had witnessed what just happened and he was multi-cloned as Katharine so he witnessed it too. Looks like the Valkson clan just got an invite into it. We will see what they are really about and if its something. I've read a few articles here and there that mention the Thieves guild.
11:36pm - Lillianth Stellarum Connects to Colelie System chat. CEO and owner of the Colelie - Solace Athanor. He is flying a Mastadon with Symbols as its name, Hopefully he isn't here to strip the Athanor down to its bones, extra goodies are always nice.
11:58pm - As we crest midnight I just wanted to write down and say; Man what a amazing day, new personal record for me with scoops in a day: 12, and most scoops in an hour: 9. If this is just the start of the week, I can't wait to see where this flood is going

Uttindar - Drill 1 (Celestial Holdings)
Found: 5/2 6:47pm
Unanchored 5/4 2:36pm
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 600,000,000 ISK
Scooped: Zaphire
Came in from doing some yard work and this one popped while resting for a bit. Took a moment for the system to click but luckily there wasn’t anyone on grid or with the corp in system so this one was an easy snag. Does this mean that Drill 2 will be popping shortly?

2:30 - 3:57pm - Lives group is active in Ambeke, Knives Lives has flown a Harbinger around and Zuric Bane just landed in a Maelstrom and he is part of Knives Lives corp Lightning Squad.
4:00pm - Lillianth Stellarum connects to Colelie System chat
4:30pm - Lillianth just disconnected in her station in Colelie, I didn’t see her leave unless I missed it. The Lives group are all sitting in their T2 Reproc station that isnt unanchoring sadly
5:11pm - Knives Lives undocks in a Badger named Badger MWD+Cloak Car and jumps to Olettiers
5:31pm - Lives group Disconnects while in Lighting T2 Reprocessing Athanor
7:54pm - Knives Lives connects to system chat

Diaderi - Limp Vulture (Kulhavy sup)
Found: 4/25 6:30pm
Unanchored: 5/5 1:58pm
Structure: Azbel
Sold: 4,250,000,000 ISK
Scooped: Gendrath
Man I had just returned from doing a delivery drive and found that this one had popped, instant rush and shakes. OldTentSkin Hendar had a Freighter on grid but wasn’t on top of the structure yet. I was able to land and scoop it and then I foolishly spent a lot more time then needed to grab the extra loot that dropped from it, which was a lot so I would need to go drop off and return for the leftovers.
Nitrogen Fuel Block 8,751 Fuel Block Material
Oxygen Fuel Block 277 Fuel Block Material
Standup Einherji I 10 Light Fighter Fighter
Standup Templar I 4 Light Fighter Fighter
Standup Heavy Missile 5,001 Structure Anti-Subcapital Missile Charge
Standup Light Missile 5,029 Structure Anti-Subcapital Missile Charge
Standup Variable Spectrum ECM I 2 Structure Module
Standup Gravimetric ECM Script 4 Charge
Standup Ladar ECM Script 4 Charge
Standup Magnetometric ECM Script 4 Charge
Standup Radar ECM Script 4 Charge
Standup Heavy Energy Neutralizer I 2 Structure Module
Standup Multirole Missile Launcher I 2 Structure Module
Standup Focused Warp Scrambling Script 1 Charge
Standup Focused Warp Disruptor II 1 Structure Module
Standup Ballistic Control System I 2 Structure Module
Standup Siren I 7 Support Fighter Fighter

OldTentSkin and Gendrath were able to come to agreements on terms for getting it all out of impound. Gendrath told him to get in touch if he is ever in need of our services.

Standup Variable Spectrum ECM I x1; 22,970,000 ISK

Faurent - Ishval (The Suicide Queens)
Found: 5/1 8:45pm
Unanchored: 5/5 2:11pm
Structure: Raitaru
Sold: 506,000,000 ISK
Scooped: Vladimar
This one when off while Gendrath was talking with OldTentSkin. Vladimar was able to scoop it drop it then return for the hanger container that popped out next to it. Surprisingly Vladimar was able to nab the extra loot which happened to be a Standup Clone Bay and some Fuel. Not cheap things to leave in a structure that is unanchoring. But I wont complain, it's extra loot after all.

Hror - Slave Quarters (Enter name here holdings)
Found: 5/5 3:38pm
Unanchored: 5/6 12:30pm
Structure: Astrahus
Sold: 795,000,000 ISK
Scooped: Shamus
No one on grid or in system with this one so a true floater, and man the dude didn’t even clean her out first. the evaluation for the entire scoop. Man wow. The owner did log in for a bit I think while I was running back and forth for all of that extra loot.

Standup Cruise Missile x 3,092; 27,518,800 ISK
Standup Cruise Missile x 1,000; 8,900,000 ISK
Standup Cruise Missile x 2,459; 24,049,020 ISK
Standup Super-heavy Torpedo x 2,500; 22,202,500 ISK
Standup Heavy Missile x 1,738; 17,345,240 ISK
Standup Heavy Missile x 1,703; 17,006,158 ISK
Standup Heavy Missile x 1,559; 15,590,000 ISK
Standup Light Missile x 3,653; 32,500,741 ISK
Standup Target Painter I x 1; 22,490,000 ISK

Standup Multirole Missile Launcher II x1; 147,300,000 ISK
Standup Multirole Missile Launcher II x1; 147,300,000 ISK
Standup Heavy Energy Neutralizer I x1; 49,880,000 ISK
Standup XL Cruise Missile x 2,573; 23,048,934 ISK

Uttindar - Drill 2 (Celestial Holdings)
Found: 5/2 6:50pm
Unanchored: 5/6 6:00pm
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 600,000,000 ISK
Scooped: Zaphire
No one on grid with this one or in System chat. 2 days and 3 hours after their Drill 1 unanchored. I wonder what the plan/thinking was on this, and the fact they forgot about them. Oh well, that’s another abandoned structure saved from the abyss of space

11:44pm - With Zaphire scooping the 2nd one out of that pod and finishing it off I had her start to bring in stations to market, man I feel for her. So many stations and to be safe she can only take one at a time. Man that’s so many jumps back and forth, like Tiamats pod of 7.

Ambeke - VII - 16 (Fork Lives Ltd.)
Found: 5/2 4:20pm
Unanchored 5/7 11:22am
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 600,000,000 ISK
Scooped: Shane
Was able to scoop this one right before the owner was, getting a little hectic with so many different systems being watched I lost time looking for the right camper. And also told him to dock instead of just drop and warp to the next one.

Ambeke - Kniveslives Ltd. IX - 2 (Fork Lives Ltd.)
Found: 5/2 4:22pm
Unanchored: 5/7 11:23am
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 600,000,000 ISK
Scooped: Vladimar
Was only able to get the 2 structures out of this pod sadly, the dock and wasted time accounted for it sadly. Watched him scoop up the last one right as I landed at the perch for it. Sad day, 2/4 still isnt bad though.

Eifer - 5-13 (The Ivana Trading Federation)
Found: 5/6 12:33pm
Unanchored: 5/8 6:07pm
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 600,000,000 ISK
Scooped: Vladimar
Some unaffiliated Mastadon jumped to the structure a few minutes before it popped and showed up after I had scooped it and was warping away. This one was actually in a ls system so I was a little more nervous about scooping it. Still nervous about getting it out of system now.

7:00pm - Messed around with the clone simulator today and found out about the Nomad implants that increase the controlled ships align time. We were able to get the Crane down to 2.95s align time so we cut a second off of it.
Cost: 6,941,140,000 ISK to kit everyone out

9:37pm - Had a random one pop in a system I was watching, I think I'm getting a little slack on my scouting in a system. Kinda mad at myself.

End of Week

Athanor: [16] Azbel: [2] Raitaru: [1] Astrahus: [1]

Shamus: [2] Shane: [3] Drak'ma: [2]
Tiamat: [7] Zaphire: [2] Gendrath: [1]
Vladimar: [3]

Man oh man, what a week this was. 20 structures is just insane! Trouble will be selling them now. The market for Athanors is dropping steadily and prices right now are almost 200mil lower than where I started at…Kind of peeved at that.
Met some cool pilots this week and had some interesting conversations. I've ran across 4 or so other reclaimers this week. Pretty sure its not as niche as I thought it was originally.

With the implant upgrades this week I believe we wont have to have any more expenses / upgrades in the future. I can see some ship losses but we shouldn’t ever lose our pods.

Previous Week: 7,639,145,000 ISK
Week Total: 20,254,201,393 ISK
Week Expenses: 7,147,140,000 ISK

Total Income: 40,929,720,143 ISK
Total Expenses: 17,267,776,700 ISK
Total Profit: 23,661,943,443 ISK
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Long-term effects of COVID-19 may create a generation of the disabled

Welcome, dear readers, to my semi-regular coronavirus roundup.
The title refers to Dr. Peter Hotez, a vaccine scientist, who told CNN: “We're starting to see long-term disability from this illness...In many ways we're gonna be producing a generation of disabled individuals." (video)

Long-term health effects

More research and anecdotal evidence indicate that those who survive the coronavirus often suffer long-term and recurring effects. This illustrates the foolishness of celebrating a lower death rate as indicative of a less severe outbreak.
The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study of Italian 143 patients (average age 56) discharged from the hospital after “recovery” from COVID-19. Two months later, only 13% were symptom-free. 87.4% reported persistence of at least 1 symptom, particularly fatigue and dyspnea (labored breathing). Worsened quality of life was observed among 44.1% of patients.
There is increasing evidence that COVID-19 causes permanent lung-scarring:
In a study from China, published in March, 66 of 70 patients still had some level of lung damage after being discharged from hospital.
Radiologists in the UK say, based on the early results of follow-up scans, they are concerned about the long term-effects of a serious infection. "In the six-week scans we're seeing, so far I would say between 20% and 30% of patients who have been in hospital appear to show some early signs of lung scarring," says Dr Hare, who helped draw up NHS radiology protocols to diagnose Covid-19.
According to Berkley’s John Swartzberg, clinical professor emeritus of infectious diseases and vaccinology, other organs are negatively impacted, too:
Another area is the heart. There is evidence now that the virus can directly attack heart muscle cells, and there’s also evidence that the cytokine storm that the virus triggers in the body not only damages the lungs, but can damage the heart… it could be that we will have a population of people who survive COVID-19 only to go on and have chronic cardiac problems.
The third organ system that we’re now pretty clear about is the central nervous system. There is evidence of direct involvement of the virus with neurons, and also the cytokine storm and inflammatory mediators can cause damage to the central nervous system. This is manifesting itself not only in neurologic clinical findings, but also psychological findings...
Finally, it has become clear that infection with SARS-CoV-2 triggers abnormal clotting of the blood in some people. This has led to pulmonary emboli, which are blood clots that travel to and damage the lungs, and strokes, which are blood clots in the vascular system of the brain. Both pulmonary emboli and strokes may have long-term consequences for these two organs.
The Atlantic interviewed nine people who have COVID-19 and were never admitted to an ICU, meaning they qualify as having a “mild” case of the disease. However, they are just a handful of thousands suffering long-term health challenges as a result.
...their lives have nonetheless been flattened by relentless and rolling waves of symptoms that make it hard to concentrate, exercise, or perform simple physical tasks. Most are young. Most were previously fit and healthy. “It is mild relative to dying in a hospital, but this virus has ruined my life,” LeClerc said. “Even reading a book is challenging and exhausting. What small joys other people are experiencing in lockdown—yoga, bread baking—are beyond the realms of possibility for me.”
...As many people reported “brain fogs” and concentration challenges as coughs or fevers. Some have experienced hallucinations, delirium, short-term memory loss, or strange vibrating sensations when they touch surfaces. Others are likely having problems with their sympathetic nervous system, which controls unconscious processes like heartbeats and breathing: They’ll be out of breath even when their oxygen level is normal, or experience what feel like heart attacks even though EKG readings and chest X-rays are clear. These symptoms wax, wane, and warp over time.
Further reading: “How Covid-19 can damage the brain,” BBC; “New-Onset Diabetes in Covid-19,” PubMed; “Lifelong Lung Damage: The Serious COVID-19 Complication That Can Hit People in Their 20s,” Heathline

Equipment and supplies

The National Stockpile is still short on personal protective equipment (PPE)... An internal report revealed that:
  • FEMA and the national stockpile have fewer than 900,000 gloves in reserve after shipping 82.7 million of them — or just 30 percent of the amount requested by state, local and tribal governments — since the COVID-19 crisis began
  • there are 329,000 pairs of goggles on hand, and the administration has only been able to provide 29 percent of the 4.9 million requested by state and local governments so far, according to the tables.
  • Similarly, 8.5 million gowns are warehoused — the HHS Department did not break down how many are surgical and how many are nonsurgical — while only 5.2 million of the 17.9 million surgical gowns requested (29 percent) have been shipped out.
  • The administration has also struggled in its efforts to procure body bags. State and local governments have requested 175,797 of them, according to the HHS data, but only 69,067 have been provided.
In particular, nursing homes and long-term care facilities say there is a major personal protective equipment shortage.
"Currently, nearly 20 percent of nursing homes report to CDC [the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] that they either do not have or have less than a one-week supply of PPE, and more than half of assisted living communities have less than a two-week supply of N-95 masks and gowns… N-95 masks are still not available and were not included in the FEMA shipments to nursing homes."
  • Further reading: America is running short on masks, gowns, and gloves. Again. Health-care workers are scrambling for supplies and reusing equipment as the coronavirus pandemic surges
  • Further reading: Nearly four months after invoking the Defense Production Act, the Trump administration has made only sparing use of its authorities, leaving front-line workers in dire need of supplies like masks, gowns, and gloves amid the recent surge in cases.
  • Further reading: Private sector officials testified to the House Oversight Cmte that the Trump administration’s failure to bring procurement efforts under a federal umbrella was “one of the biggest missed opportunities.” The companies informed Committee staff that they have serious concerns that “raw material for PPE is now in a really bad position worldwide.” As one company official stated: “Supply is still coming in, but not enough to meet demand.”
Some White House staffers argued against a DOJ effort to stop price-gouging and scamming during the pandemic… These “free-marketeers” felt the massive influx of people wheeling and dealing for PPE was a sign that the free market was working efficiently to move materials where they needed to go. However, some watchdog groups say that the DOJ’s task force didn’t go far enough.
Two federal agencies gave nearly $20 million in contracts to a newly formed California company without realizing the owner was sued by the same government. Jason Cardiff, of VPL Medical LLC, was sanctioned by the Federal Trade Commission for running a fraudulent scheme.
  • Further reading: The federal government is essentially providing seed money to PPE startups, including some run by people accused of fraud. Mask brokers describe a simple blueprint for buying masks from China to get rich.
Trump Is Donating Ventilators to Countries That Don’t Need or Can’t Use Them… White House officials have pushed the U.S. Agency for International Development to purchase thousands of the expensive devices from U.S. companies and donate them abroad...The administration’s decisions on ventilator distribution appear to have little correlation to the number of coronavirus deaths or infections in a country.

Testing in the U.S.

Numerous states are reporting shortages in testing supplies are significantly slowing down their testing capacity. For instance, Louisiana, Oregon, Arkansas, Nebraska, and California have experienced have seen a shortage in testing kits, chemical reagents, and other necessary supplies.
  • On Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on Trump to use the Defense Production Act “immediately to address the need for the testing equipment” and “equipment to make judgments about positive or negative.”
Some areas are experiencing testing delays of over a week, so long that the results are proving useless to the effort to control the disease. The surge in infection, especially in the southern states, has overwhelmed labs and caused a shortage of supplies across the nation. Private labs Quest and LabCorp say the backlog is growing unsustainably large.
  • The federal government never fixed fundamental infrastructure problems, experts say: “Instead of building that out, our federal response was to do the very least possible. So each time the system is stretched now, it breaks down all over again,” said Ashish K. Jha, who directs the Harvard Global Health Institute. “It’s frustrating because . . . it’s not like, ‘Oh my god, we just figured out we need to do testing.’ We’ve literally been talking about this for months.”
The ripple effect of the increased cases in the south has impacted other states, causing backlogs across the nation. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee: “This is a challenge because these southern states are creating a huge demand on these commercial labs…But we need help from the federal government. I’ve said this now for four or five months… We need to have a very rapid turnaround time so that our contact tracing can be successful and we need national leadership to help in that regard”
The number of daily coronavirus tests being conducted in the U.S. is only 39% of the target rate needed to mitigate the spread of the virus. Just 12 states—Maine, Vermont, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Alaska, Hawaii, West Virginia, Montana, Kansas, and Washington, D.C.—are testing at the optimal rate, NYT reported.
Trump has continued to rant about testing “creating” cases of COVID-19. “Test everybody, pull-up parking lots, everything else, what we’ve done is we’ve created a tremendous number of cases.” Trump told Fox News commentator Sean Hannity in a phone interview (video).
  • Fact check: The US is testing slightly more than similar places (113 tests/1000 people, vs 99/1000 people in the UK, 92/1000 people in Italy, 73/1000 people in Germany.) But it's finding a proportionately greater share of cases (U.S.: 9,250 cases/million, vs. 4,400 cases/million in UK, 3,900 cases/million in Italy and 2,500 cases/million in Germany.)

Reopening schools

Some further reading on reopening schools:
  • 'Science should not stand in the way' of schools reopening, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany says.
  • The CDC will not release a set of documents this week aimed at giving schools advice on how to reopen. Instead, the full set will be published before the end of the month, a CDC spokesperson says.
  • This summer camp in Missouri took extraordinary covid-19 precautions. It still failed. More than 80 campers, counselors, and staff tested positive.
  • At least 30 and possibly as many as 85 kids and counselors at two Georgia YMCA camps tested positive for the coronavirus, forcing closure.
  • Nearly a Thousand COVID-19 Cases Reported in California Day Cares
  • Millions of Seniors Live In Households with School-Age Children
  • Two researchers presented their ideas (informed by “pandemic math”) of how to most safely reopen schools: (1) stagger start dates, (2) have small groups of students alternate school days and work from home days to reduce class sizes, (3) everyone must wear masks and eat lunch in classrooms. The authors state that communities with high infection rates should postpone reopening schools.

Masks and anti-masks

Some further reading on face masks:
  • States that now have a statewide mask requirement in public indoor spaces include: Alabama (Repub. governor), Arkansas (R), California (Dem. governor), Colorado (D), Connecticut (D), Delaware (D), D.C. (D), Illinois (D), Kansas (D), Kentucky (D), Louisiana (D), Maine (D), Maryland (R), Massachusetts (R), Michigan (D), Nevada (D), New Jersey (D), New Mexico (D), New York (D), North Carolina (D), Oregon (D), Pennsylvania (D), Rhode Island (D), Texas (R), Virginia (D), Washington (D), and West Virginia (R). Montana is not yet on that list but issued a face-mask order on Wednesday.
  • Conspicuously absent from this list: Georgia, Florida, and Arizona, three of the biggest hot spots in the country. In fact, yesterday Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp banned cities from issuing face mask orders and sued Atlanta to invalidate the mayor’s mandate.
  • 15 major grocery and retail chains are now requiring face masks in their stores, including Walmart, Kroger, Costco, CVS, and Target.
  • Putting the onus on employees to enforce face mask requirements is adding stress to jobs previously lauded as “essential.” WaPo: “People see it as this big political message when it’s really just about public health,” said Shilo Barrett, 26, a shift supervisor at a Starbucks in Los Angeles, where about 10 percent of shoppers come in without masks despite local and state mandates. “It’s already unfair that we have to work right now because we have bills to pay, and now you’re going to put us in a compromising situation because you don’t want to wear a mask for 5 minutes? That’s not cool.”
  • A nationwide mask mandate would bring the coronavirus under control within 2 months, according to CDC Director Robert Redfield (video). However, presented with this fact during yesterday’s White House press briefing, McEnany said Trump will not issue such an order. “We leave it to localities to make the decisions with regard to face coverings,” she said.
  • Measuring geotagged Twitter posts that reference hashtags like “nomask” and “burnyourmask” revealed that Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Idaho, and Maine contain the most anti-mask sentiment. Keep in mind that prolific users and/or bots can drive these trends, though.
  • The international president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA believes it's "absurd" that the Federal Aviation Administration has not mandated that travelers wear masks on all flights during the pandemic.
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A Lurker's Manifesto.

TL;DR Get over it. It's a game, and people that camp aren't cheating. If you're excessively upset over dying to a camper or 'rat' as so many seem to pejoratively call them, it frankly says more about you than anything else. Perhaps that other games may be more conducive to your desired vision of FPS.
I want to start by establishing a few things.
Rather than rant about myself, I'll just say I've played FPS games for a long time, specifically the Counter-Strike series. In CS, the team dynamic lent itself to the following roles:
  1. Entry Fragger (Shift+W Chad)
  2. Sniper (AWP Man)
  3. Lurker (Identifies as a Ninja)
  4. Support (Here, Take All of My Grenades!)
  5. IGL/In-Game Leader (Big Brain)
In CS:GO, I often IGL'd for my teams which required thinking about more than just the immediate gunfight in front of you, so I also naturally gravitated towards being a lurker so I could focus on comms and enemy movements, and predict where my teammates needed to be.
I've played so many FPS games this way, because at this point it's just the space I excel at.

Tarkov can be played legitimately any number of ways and if 'camping' is something BSG is concerned with then it is frankly up to them to discourage the play-style. Until said changes are implemented, it stands to reason that the Devs do not see this kind of play-style as counter to their vision of the game.
Between Tasks, skill gains, and money sinks, the game itself heavily encourages certain play-styles at certain points in the season. But again, the 'win condition' for each raid is determined by each individual player.
What's so amazing about Tarkov is that almost none of those things are mutually exclusive even within a single raid, and absolutely none are mutually exclusive across a season. Whatever play-style you choose could be valid, but it IS a choice and "I'm not patient enough" is valid, but just an excuse.
We all win some epicly, and lose some pathetically in insanely frustrating ways, and everything in between. I respect the hell out of aim-star entry fraggers with top tier-movement that invoke their inner blood hound to seek and destroy everything in the lobby, but that is unequivocally not the only acceptable way to play the game.
All that said, I killed a guy on Labs this morning with a 5-7 and his friend failed to kill me. I had also killed him yesterday with a 5-7 as well as all of his friends (okay I killed the 4th with his friends M1A). After I killed him today, he added me and had this to say.
Imagine being told 'kys' before lunch, over a video game.
Both raids I walked out fully looted and at a hefty profit, which was the goal for me. I felt no shame, because I don't cheat. I earned those kills and survived using my skillset.
Rather than accept that he had made poor decisions that lead to his deaths such as:
This player refused to accept any responsibility for the outcome; instead every bit of toxicity was mustered and directed at another player.
Be frustrated when you die in a shitty situation, we get it, but how emotionally fragile must you be to seek out and say things like this to another person over your legitimate death in a loot-based Survival-FPS game.

In conclusion, camping, tactical zone defense, bushwookying, ratting, being the big dick in the long shadow, it's all acceptable within the framework of the game, and the obvious conclusion encouraged by many of the built in objectives.
I encourage all people who feel tilted by the fact that it exists as a common enough play-style in Tarkov to take a long unbiased look at what Escape From Tarkov is, and ask yourself if it's really so unreasonable to approach the game that way.
If this overly-long rant does nothing to change your mind, so be it. But hopefully it does, and someone out there will be less inclined to address someone else this way in the future as a result, because holy fuck.

Cheers y'all. Frag hard out there.
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The Eater of Worlds Part 1

The Prelude
Shit came up at work and I couldn't post so here ya go a day late and 11 hours earlier than usual.
A clearing in a forest, tall grass fields devoid of trees in an area.... Most would call it a meadow but James knew this just meant the area flooded frequently enough or had avalanches or any number of bad shit that could take a camper unawares. The river at one end of this grassy deathtrap had fast flowing cold water with fish visibly swimming in the water and on the other end of the meadow was the forest from whence he came, further south west was the village of GreenGlades but James was unaware of its existence. The blessing and the curse of modern society he mused to himself is that we have access to all this technology and entertainment but we end up missing the world around us. James bent low and inspected the water, finding it free of visible debris he took a small sip from cupped hands, you would be wise to boil it if you were going for large amounts of it but in small sips he could build tolerance overtime, just like when he lived in Tijuana.
"Waters here, cities and towns are built on rivers usually so I can follow the river by night and camp here for the day..... Next I gotta dig a hole... Not to close to the water, if I follow the current I don't want my own crap in the water." James spoke suddenly out loud, one of the traits of those used to being lonely and like every other time he spoke, no one answered. He walked a bit from the river towards the forest and dropped his backpack halfway between the two. He pulled out two of the tarps from his bag and set one down on the grass to flatten the area, then put his backpack on top. He dragged the other tarp with him towards the forest along with a bit of the paracord he bought to fiddle with.

The observers watching his every action were awash with varying degrees of worry, stress, fear, envy and confusion. Worry when he spoke out loud, had they been seen, stress of trying to keep the grass from swaying with their movements and staying close enough to observe but far enough to be safe, fear as the giant turned from the dangerous fast waters of the North Eastern river and looked right at them, envy as the giant effectively cleared an area the size of GreenGlades Town Hall in all of about 2 seconds and confusion as the giant left the area, and it's bag.
The (Scout)s signed to each other rapidly arguing over who follows the giant and who inspects the bag and that shiny blue thing the giant cleared the land with.... Seniority decided the argument and they split up the younger hare, Bartow, running after the giant the older one who'd mothered the younger went for the bag of magical wonders. Beatild, cautiously approached the tarp, inspecting it with nose and a tentative pawhand, she jumped a solid 4 feet straight up into the air when it crinkled rather loudly as she stepped onto it. When the giant didn't come sprinting back and she didn't die to some evil magic trap she decided to ignore the sound and tread carefully.... After nearly 10 minutes she'd finally reached the bag of wonders and was happily inspecting what was inside, cautiously but happily, something in the bag smelled delicious.... Strange materials she'd never seen in all of her 7 years of running this world were abound, some were made similar to the blue thing she was standing on, others were stranger, hard metals some were to heavy to move, so much metal they could arm every villager and every (Soldier) with 5 metal spears and still be able to trade the leftovers. A bright orange and blue bag caught her attention, the smell was coming from there, it was wonderful, a smell unlike any other in the world and when she unrolled the bag she had to do a double take, the outside of the bag had some king of furry thing with teeth and what had to be letters C H E E T O S and under that was P U F F S and then more squiggles probably more letters $4.5 9 10/31/2024 but what caught her attention was the inside of the bag it was shiny, like metal, but soft and flexible, Beatild tentatively took a nibble of the bag and it did taste like metal, and something else.... She reached inside and pulled out a big orange noodle, like a carrot but the size of 3 pawhands and the source of the wonderful smell she'd been enticed by. She nibbled, then gobbled,and was bodily halfway into the bag when she heard a crinkle. A very loud large crinkle, more like a crunch. She backed out of the bag of deliciousness and stared at the giant. It's teeth were showing, some of the teeth were sharp, and she knew instantly it wouldn't hesitate to kill her and eat her. Beatild squeaked and took off at max sprint as the giant was making an odd barking sound.
James had loaded his second tarp with leaves, about 200lbs worth and had a jolly good time of beating the crap out of the leaf burrito that would become his bed, whole leaves aren't as soft to sleep on as hundreds of crunched up leaves wrapped in a tarp and tied into a log shape. He'd just gotten back to his bag dragging his new bedroll when he noticed a fluffy tail and some dangling hind legs sticking out of his backpack. The rabbit heard him and it backed out of the bag wide eyes and covered in orange cheese dust. He couldn't help but crack a smile and start laughing at the poor, now probably permanently cheesed rabbit staring at him like a kid caught in the cookie jar. He was reaching for his phone to take a picture to post on reddit when he got back to society when it darted off way faster than any rabbit should be able to move. He was bummed out that he couldn't get the sweet sweet karma that came from animal pictures almost like bears to honey. But good God that was adorably cute. He checked his Cheetos and was pleased that they mostly seemed to be there so the rabbit didn't eat to many of them, he rolled up that bag and zipped up his backpack and locked the catch with a carabineer then he laid down to take a nap, walking at night is so much better, he'd be able to see the city light just by looking for light pollution. He had only one thought before his mind shut down, and that was that there is now a cute bunny covered in orange cheese dust running around and he fell asleep with a smile on his face.
I guess the next one will probably be were it starts getting darker and the debate for today is it really evil to eat another sentient creature because as u/luciferhimself666 guessed the rabbits and animals in this story are indeed sentient, but if you don't know this then are you in the wrong? Or should you just not eat meat ever again, because technically none of us know if cows or pigs have their own language. I decided a long time ago I love meat even if it might have feelings....
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AITA for calling out someone who always asks for tips / "secrets" but will never share theirs when asked?

This one is fairly straightforward: a colleague of mine is an avid hiker / camper / all-around outdoorsy person. They love to post photos of the most gorgeous looking shots they take while out and about, but if you ask where it is, they give a dead serious "it's a sort of hidden spot - I don't want to give it away so it'll stay more serene." This goes for questions asked both on the photos themselves or in private conversations.
And then they turn around and ask "okay, we're heading here next, what's your favorite hidden gem that no one knows about?" This isn't an isolated thing; they ask every single time they travel.
So I called them on it. No name calling or anything. I just said "if you won't share your spots with us, why should we share ours with you?" They responded with "damn, no need to be an asshole about it. If you don't want to help just shut up and stay out of it."
So tell me, redditors - AITA? In hindsight, maybe I could have said something more like "I'll trade one of my hidden spots for one of yours" - but they're an adult and have been doing this for years, and I feel like they really should understand the hypocrisy of this on their own.
update: thank you all for chiming in. I can be pretty anxious about this sort of thing, and it's been extremely helpful to see some reassurances that I wasn't crossing the line or being a complete A in this situation.
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[2 year update] 38/m/single. $2.3 million. Submitted my resignation letter today. Thank you guys for the encouragement all these years.

Hi, financialindependence. I'm the guy who quit his job in the US in June 2018 with naive dreams of frugally solo traveling the world by air, frugally solo traveling North America via van camper and spending more time with my friends and family in between.
Background: I'm 40 now, ethnically Chinese guy in Texas. I started working in my early 20s after getting out of grad school. Salary varied anywhere from $70,000 to $130,000 during those 14 years or so. I live in a state with low cost of living and no state income tax, so I knew when I started that I could save a majority of my income if I stayed frugal and resisted lifestyle inflation. I live in the same starter home I bought around 2010 and drive an old Camry. I did a bunch of set-it-and-forget-it buying of large cap US index funds and Berkshire Hathaway and I did some individual buying of large cap bank and technology names before and after the Great Recession ten years ago.
I spent my first year in Thailand, I accepted a non-paid, volunteer teaching position with a Ministry of Justice program there that teaches English and job skills to low-level convicts and former prostitutes. Click my previous thread below to get a breakdown of my expenses and experiences living in Bangkok, traveling weekends through SE Asia on dirt cheap airfare costing as little as $20 a flight sometimes, the cheap street food and so forth.
My monthly expenses came out to about $850 with free housing. Would have been up to $1,350/month if I got a fancy flat and paid my own utilities, which is still crazy cheap by western standards. That includes heath insurance, eating out every meal, mass transit/taxi fare and spending money for shows and nicknacks. My net worth increased from $2.3 million from when I quit to $2.6 million when I came home from Thailand one year later, entirely from paper stock gains.
Year 1 went almost 100 percent according to plan. The first six months of Year 2 did, too. I took separate trips from the US to the UK, Spain, Mexico, Florida, New York and Minnesota, all on heavily discounted fares. Because when you're retired, you can take all of the odd-hour fares discounted at over 60-70 percent off, right? I stayed with friends, got cheap Airbnbs or used my hotel points to cut costs. It was great.
2020 comes and COVID-19 hits. My trip to Taiwan and Hong Kong was cancelled. A trip to Italy soon after, too. Then separate trips to Nevada and Boston, too. My net worth skyrocketed to over $3 million thanks to the post-China trade deal rally and the market assuming COVID-19 is contained. The abrupt, panicked selloff as the world went into lockdown knocked me back down to $2.1 million. Painful, but I rode the Great Recession all the way down and back ten years ago, so I had that experience to rely on to resist panic selling. I've since rode the April/May rally back up to $2.6 million.
My current expenses ... I own the house outright so no rent is great. Health insurance is covered by my old employer (while still in SE Asia, I was offered a remote work job by my old boss, like set aside 60-90 minutes a day to answer email and have him bounce ideas off of me. I originally said no but was swayed when told I could get health insurance covered and my 401k matching when I moved back to the states, have done it since. A nice side hustle for a fraction of my old salary.)
= $1,220/month. I'm not including eating out or going to shows or movies because I'm inside the house all day every day. My $20 gym membership is suspended, I don't want to work out in an enclosed space until there's a vaccine or proven treatment.
Plans for Year 3 are wait out the pandemic for a vaccine or treatment. Stay home in the meantime. I miss flying. I fully expect flying to be a more miserable experience with less competition and higher prices when is does bounce back. It's unavoidable, I get it.
I'm still looking at a van to custom build a camper for one to travel to state and national parks in. I've ridden in my friend's Sprinter a few times and I'm now convinced it's too much room for one person. I've also decided that a camper van with on-board water, shower and toilet is unnecessary for me, I can just use a Planet Fitness membership or pay for showers at truck stops or campsites. The custom builds being offered for Nissan NV200 cargo vans with pop-top roofs are intriguing. Would cost about $23,000 for a new NV200, then another $20,000 to $30,000 for the camper build.
I am also intrigued by the "camper mode" being offered in the Tesla Model 3. It basically allows you to run the car's AC all night without killing the battery, meaning a climate controlled room. The backseat can be folded down and you have a completely flat floor to lie on, with your legs in the trunk of the car. Third-party vendors now sell mattress and bedding kits for you to use to sleep in the back of your Tesla all night, it's amazing.
Big drawbacks to a Model 3 for a "camper" is the lack of space and the sparse Supercharger network. We'll see, I'm in no rush. $38,000 for the standard range 250 miler. $43,000 for the 320-mile version.
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A Simple Guide for Those New to "CS Style" Gameplay

I'm not sure how many people will read this (or care about it), but if it reaches even a few people, that's great. I've been playing competitive shooters for a very long time, over 15 years of CS, GM in Overwatch, COD, Battlefield, BRs. But CS is my pride and joy. I figured I'd whip up some really simple tips for those that might need to hear it.
You're welcome to ask questions if you have it, I'll respond to anything I can (and I'm sure others will answer questions you might have as well!)
Again: this guide is not for players that are experienced in CS already or for CS styled games. This is more for our Overwatch and League and whatever other players that might be experimenting with this style for the first time.
I know this guide is going to be long even before I start writing it, I am going to break it up as best as possible, skip to areas you feel you need if necessary.
Again, maybe no one will read this, or I'll be downvoted for trying, or it'll just be lost in the sea of highlights, or whatever else. But if it reaches a couple of people that find it helpful, I'll be stoked about that.

Editors Notes

I might add more sections to this if someone suggests something and the activity hasn't tapered off. I will mark new sections with an asterisk (*) in this case, I just added the "Win Conditions" section.
Also; I really do enjoy teaching CS/CS Styled Games. If there's a question you're too embarrassed to ask in public, or you just want some friendly tips, my DMs are always open. If I get overwhelmed with messages, I might be slow to respond, but I'll try and get to everything. I love CS (and Valorant is growing on me), and I love teaching it and talking about it. So if you want help, find me!
Edit 2: Thanks for the golds and random awards guys. I'm really stoked to see that people like this guide and are getting some good usage out of it! I'm glad I could help some of you! Keep practicing out there!
Edit 3: Learning to aim well, learn the gunplay, etc * I'm getting a LOT of questions from people looking for help learning how to aim, or improve their shooting mechanics. I'm going to post here what I've been telling a lot of them.
There really aren't any "shortcuts" to learning how to aim. A guide like mine, or a video on YouTube might give you tips on controlling recoil, or counter-strafing, or lowering your sensitivity. But really, you just gotta PRACTICE. CS has existed in one form or another for over 20 years now, some of us have a LOT of experience and it's ingrained into our muscle memory. You can't expect to learn that type of thing over night. Run the bot training in the Practice Range until you can get 30 out of 30 every time. Practice controlling your spray. Practice burst firing and tap firing. Just hop in live games and do your best.
I promise, if you keep practicing, the aim will come. No one out there can give you some magic trick that will suddenly turn you into the best aimer in the world. You just have to keep on trying!
Edit #4: I added a few new terms to the Glossary towards the bottom, they are marked with an asterisk (*). If I think of more, I might tack them on.

Win Conditions *

u/Helfeather suggested a write up on exactly how rounds are won and lost, and I liked the idea so much I'm adding it to the BEGINNING of this post.
Winning a round in CS is done one of 4 ways, I'm gonna name them, and give a brief explanation of how to maximize your chances of that happening.


Planting the bomb the Spike (or "Bomb" as CS players might call it) gets planted at one of the two (or three) bomb sites. If that bomb blows up, regardless of how many players are still alive on EITHER team, the Attackers win. The bomb timer is 45 seconds long, and once it's down the timer begins. The most important thing to remember to win off a bomb plant is to, what we call, "playing the bomb". Instead of leaving the site and trying to find the remaining Defenders, put yourself in a position where you can see the bomb, and are covered from as many angles as possible. Make the Defenders come to you! The more often you do this, the better chance of a detonation you have.
Eliminating all the enemies Even if the bomb is never planted, eliminating all the enemy Defenders wins you the round. Simple as that really, play your role on the team, and if you get 5 kills before they do, you win the round.


Defusing the bomb once the bomb has been planted, your only concern should be defusing it. I'm not sure exactly how long the defuse timer is in this game, someone can jump in with that information, but defusing the bomb successfully is a round won even if there are still Attackers left alive. "Retaking" the bomb site if all the defenders from that position are dead is your best bet. Wait for your team mates to be close enough, and push in together. (At this point, basically pretend YOU'RE the attacker and play the same way you would on the Attack side of the game.) Push in togehter, check your corners, and make your way to the bomb. If you're last alive and you can't find the remaining Attacker(s), something you can do to try and draw them out is called Fake Defusing. You walk up to the bomb and press 4 (or whatever you're defuse bind is), this will make a sound that notifies enemy players that you've begun defusing. At that point you can immediately release 4 and watch to see where they come from to attack you.
This is a bit of a mini-game within the game. Good players know about faking a defuse, so they might not peek straight away. So you might be able to get away with holding the defuse even when theres an enemy lurking about. (Colloquially you might hear a CS player say something like "PROS DONT FAKE" which is a bit of a CS meme. The implication that Pro players don't ever fake defusing a bomb, they just hold it, so you have to peek THEM.)
A BIG TIP about fake defusing here: if you fake defuse and then make a foot step sound, the enemies will know you are not still defusing. You can't walk and defuse at the same time, so if you fake defuse and want to adjust your position, WALK. Use shift and readjust while you wait for them to come out!
Eliminating all the enemies Just like on Attack, if you eliminate all the enemies before the bomb is planted, you win the round. BUT REMEMBER unlike the Attacker side, if the bomb has been planted, and you kill all the enemies, you still need to defuse it. If there isn't enough time left, and the bomb blows up, the Attackers still win the round even if they're all dead. So either kill 'em quick, or don't forget about that bomb!
Time running out the Defenders have an additional win condition of the round clock. If the timer hits 0 and the bomb has not been planted, the Defenders win. Even if all 5 members of the enemy team are still alive. Even if the bomb is planted JUST AFTER the clock hits 0, the Defenders win. This is where "stalling" comes in to play. If you're holding a bomb site and it's late in the round and an Attacker tries to sneak in and get a plant, stall him. Shoot at him and make him stop the plant animation. If you can stall him long enough to either A: get your team mates there, or B: run out of time, you can win the round without even needing to kill him. Stalling is huge.

Defender Side


One of the big things to remember is to pick a site to defend, and stay there for the whole game. When you're on the Defender side (or CT as some CS players might refer to it), whatever site you're assigned, or have chosen, or are playing, it's important to not suddenly switch to another site without saying anything.
If you aren't comfortable with the site, ask if someone is willing to swap with you. If you think you can't play a site alone, ask for someone to back you up.
Sometimes someone might suggest stacking a site, or playing more than the usual number there, that's fine. If YOU feel like they might come A, let people know you're giving up B site to stack A. But don't just leave your spot without saying anything, it can leave sites open if people are unaware, or force people to defend from unoptimal positions.


Rotating is when the bomb is seen or a push of one site is called by a team mate. Knowing when to rotate (and how to rotate) is crucial to good CT sided defense. One important thing to be aware of is whether or not the bomb has been seen or called. If you're at B and one of the A players calls that three are pushing into A, but they haven't seen the bomb yet, it might be good to hang back at B and "lurk" until bomb is spotted.
It might leave your team with one less player to defend A, but it prevents a bomb site from being left completely open. If you lurk at the opposite site when bomb isn't spotted, even if you cant kill the enemies coming in, you can relay the information to your team that the bomb is coming to THAT site instead of A.
By the same token, if the bomb is called as seen on A, even if you know someone is at B, as long as you're not in an active fight with him, it might be better to just leave him there and move to A to defend the bomb. Inform your team that someone was at B, and they might come from the flank, but the Attackers can't win without the Spike, so it's better for you to defend from the bomb instead.
If you're playing a bomb site with a team mate, and one of you needs to rotate to defend a bomb site, communicate it. Tell them you're leaving them to back up B (or C), and that you think they should lurk until the bomb is spotted. Don't just up and leave without letting them know.
Learning the pacing of rotations is one of the harder skills of CS to master, not over-rotating or under-rotating can often be the difference between winning and losing a round. Don't fret if you're not grasping it immediately, it will take some time!

Playing a site with a team mate

Some bomb sites are going to be defended by only one player (maps where mid is very important, or Haven where it's better to have 2 at B/mid than 2 at C.) But if you're defending with another player, it's important to work together.
Have a "default setup" to defend from, one person watches long, the other watches short, stay at that spot unless it's discussed between you and your partner that you're going to be off position. Don't leave someones blind side open without telling them that you're not there.
Sometimes you two might decide to push together, either both of you pushing from the same angle, or both pushing from separate sides to pinch potential attackers. Sometimes you might want to play further back a more passive angle and let them get in before contact.

Attacker Side

Where to attack/play/watch

Attacker (or T side as CS players might call it), is a much more complex and dynamic side than the defenders. Different maps, diffrent opponents, different economy situations will call for different types of attack.
Some of the basic styles that you might hear called by a team mate:
Rush - this ones pretty simple, someone is suggesting that the entire attacker team (or at least most of them) fully rush into the site and over whelm the defenders with numbers. This can often mean rushing THROUGH smokes or flashbangs. A rush only works if everyone gets into the site and no one is left alone on site, or lingering behind a smoke. If a rush is called, just do your best to get in site with your team mates, find the enemy, and do what you can.
(I don't want to get any grief for this, so I'm adding a little editors note here: pushing through a smoke is not ALWAYS the play, even on a rush. Sometimes it's the right thing, other times it's not, but it's very situational. But it's important to remember that smokes are not impenetrable walls that can never be walked through. Sometimes the smartest play is the one that seems dumbest, walking (or even running) through a smoke might seem dumb, but sometimes it's going to catch the enemy off guard. So basicaly, don't always rush through smokes, but don't always be afraid to rush through smokes either.)
Split - a "split" attack is performed at a site that has more than one entrance. Say A Site on Haven, you might send 3 players to long and 2 players short and attack from both sides. Whether or not you push a smoke or not will depend on the situation, but the idea here is to attack a limited defense from multiple sides before they can call a rotation from their team mates.
Playing for Picks - when a team mate suggests playing for picks, this means that you separate to different areas of the map, and play a slightly more passive role while waiting for a Defender to get aggressive and give up a kill. You might send 2 to A, 1 to mid, and 2 to B, no body pushes in, everyone communicates where they are spotting (or hearing) enemies, and you wait for someone to make a move.
Once someone GETS a pick, your team will have to collectively decide if you want to "push off the pick", which means you start pushing into the site you got the pick on. Or if you want to "play for the rotate", which means you guys will assume the Defenders are going to rotate to make up for the dead CT, and the Attackers move to the opposite bomb site.
Contact - a "contact" play is a slower take of a bomb site. The majority of the team will group up at one bomb site, and move slowly. Everyone will walk, you won't throw smokes or flashes or any utility until you've seen an enemy. Once you've seen an enemy, or (more importantly an enemy has seen you), then you fully commit. Get smokes down, flash in, take the site. The goal here is to get as close to the site as possible before the enemy can call that you're there and ask for backup from his team. But once you're spotted, no more time for lurking, push into the site as fast as possible, cover up the entrances, and get the bomb down.
Set Take - a set take is going to be a scenario where your team mates drop smokes (and other utility) at predetermined positions to cut off the enemy team. Typically it goes as follows: the team will set up outside of, say, B site, a specific time on the clock will be agreed to (say 45 seconds), at which time characters with smokes (in this case namely Brimstone) will drop his smokes in key spots to cut off defender visibility and rotations, and you'll all rush in together. Set takes can be very powerful if you know the defenders play from passive positions. And with all the different types of utility in the game, you can smoke angles out, and then use one of the AOE attacks (fire, freeze, grenade) to flush enemies out of corners.

Planting "safe" vs planting "open"

There are two main types of plants for the bomb. If you're unaware of where the enemy is, especially if theres only 2 or 3 Attackers left, you might plant "safe". Planting in a corner that covers you from as many angles as possible, on B site Bind, planting inside the tube for example. This is to minimize risk of you dying while planting.
But planting OPEN is usually a much better alternative. If you have full control of the site (you've taken it with 3 or 4 of your team mates still alive), try to plant in the open. Somewhere that you can defend it from multiple angles. Rely on your team mates to cover your open angles and not get shot while planting.
Regardless of which type you plant, try to call where you're planting for your team mates. Just say "planting safe" and they'll know the bomb is going to be tucked in a corner. "Planted for Long" would mean that one of your team mates can defend from the "long" entrance to the bombsite and still be able to see the CT when they try to defuse.
As the game progresses, bomb sites will organically develop a "default" plant. This is the spot that you plant in that is reasonably safe, but you're not sure if you're safe or not. Saying "planted default" will immediately let team mates know exactly where the bomb is.
Strategies can get a lot more complex, "fakes" are when you draw a lot of attention to one site with utility, gunshots, visible angles, wait for CTs to start rotating, and then you fall back and take the now empty (or weaker) site. At more advanced levels, there might be decoy plays, where 4 players rush a site and 1 lone player with bomb tries to sneak in the other side and get a plant. (Useful on Eco or Save rounds.)


Good communication is perhaps the most important thing to a successful game of Valorant. It's a very complex issue, and rather than dragging it out too long, I'm just going to touch on a few key topics.
As a defender try to be precise with your calls. Instead of "they're coming A", try to say HOW MANY are coming A when possible. "3 A", or "I hear multiple Long A" is better than just "they're here".
Remember to call the bomb if it's seen if you've seen the bomb, either on an Attacker or just down on the ground, relay this information to your team. Your team mates can then start to safely leave their bomb sites and make their way to you to defend.
Try not to talk after you're dead in most cases, once you die, you should just let the other players play. If you saw someone or heard someone that you REALLY think the person you're spectating didn't see, then tell them quickly, and then quiet down again. "You saw him behind the box", something along those lines is concise and if the player you're watching was unaware, they'll work off that information.
Short reminders are helpful, even after you're dead but be quick, and don't try to micro manage. If you're on Attack, and only one of your team mates is alive, he is going to want to keep his eyes only on his crosshair and what's in front of him. If he is low on time, typically just saying "time" will remind him that he has to speed it up a little bit, or decide to save his gun. Reminding him he still has utility left if he may have forgotten is also usually okay, but again, don't micro manage, don't tell him how to use them, just remind him and let him focus on his game.
Once freeze time has ended, non-game related chatter should end, during buy time if you're laughing about the previous round, or just shooting the breeze, great, but once buy time ends, trail off the conversation and focus on listening for enemies, and hearing the calls of your team mates.
Be quick about calls try to be as concise with them as you possibly can. "3 Long A" is enough information, you don't need to tell your team exactly what guns they have, where they're positioned, what they are wearing, how they've styled their hair. If someone asks for additional information ("have you seen bomb?") answer of course, but getting the call out fast is more important than up to the minute information.
Calling places you're unfamiliar with everyones new to this game, even the CS players. Sometimes you're not going to know the "official" name for a location, or even what it's been colloquially referred to as. But getting out something is better than nothing. On Haven, most people will understand what you mean if you say they are "C Hall", most people will get it if you refer to A long on Bind as either "bathrooms" or "long", or "showers" or "toilets" for you Europeans. Terms like "behind you" and "to your right" only work if people know exactly where you are/were playing and who you're referring to. Using generic terms for locations is the better choice if you don't know or can't remember what its called.
Most importantly however is to find the right flow with your team. Some types of teams function better with more information, some want every little thing called. Some teams will want as little as possible called. Some players/teams don't mind if everyones chatting while playing, some do. CS/Valorant styled games are often considered more "serious" than some other shooters, but it still should be fun. Find the right times to talk and laugh and be silly while also letting those that want to "try hard" do so.

Trading and Baiting

This section could fit in all the other sections, so I'm going to give it it's own.
Trading is the act of responding to a kill from the enemy team with a kill from YOUR team. So say you and a partner are entering a bombsite that hasn't been cleared yet. Even if you time things perfectly, chances are one of you will be seen before the other. Sometimes that first person isn't going to get the kill, it is important for you to be in position to return the kill.
Trading is HUGELY important. Having a man advantage in Valorant can make all the difference, and no player is going to survive every round, everyone will die their share of times in the game, so it's very important to be in position to "trade" the kill and keep the numbers even.
The keys to doing this are to just work with your team mates. Push in with them, don't leave them stranded on their own, and if they die, try to kill their attacker.
Baiting on the other hand, is sort of a modified form of a trade. Baiting can be very negative (willfully letting your team mate die so that you can get the kill instead of them), but baiting can also be used intelligently. If your team mate is already on extremely low health, he might say something like "bait me". Which means you will play very slowly behind him while he rushes into the site, his job is to find the enemy, do any damage (if possible) and tell you where he is so you can immediately peek out and take the kill without taking any damage yourself.
The difference between "good baiting" and "bad baiting" is usually as simple as communication. If you're not telling your team mate you're playing back, and you let them die just so you can get the kill, thats a bad bait.
But if you inform your team mate that you're going to bait him for information, usually they won't mind, especially if they are low on health, or perhaps don't have a gun.

CS-Style Glossary

There's lots of terms that you might not be familiar with coming from other games, I know there have already been other guides and videos on this stuff, but I figured I'd add in a few, and repeat a couple of them. These are terms that CS players are accustomed to using, and might instinctively call, especially in the heat of the moment.
AK - AK is the Vandal
M4 - That's the Phantom.
MP5 - Would be the Spectre.
Deagle - The Sheriff.
Scout - The Marshall
CZ - The Frenzy.
A-W-P - The Operator. (Some people, namely Europeans, call it by it's initials A-W-P instead of "Awp", for Americans Riot preemptively negated this issue by naming the AWP an "Operator" which is easily shortened to the AWP homonym "Op".
Bomb - The Spike itself.
Save - This can have two meanings. 1: a save round, your team is short on money and you should avoid spending a lot. A pistol, maybe a couple of your abilities. You want to keep at least 3900 for the next round (visible on the Buy menu). 2: saving your guns, sometimes as either attacker or defender, a round is deemed unwinnable. Maybe you're last alive with 5 Attackers having already planted the bomb, if your teams money is low, you might choose to save your gun. Typically you'll find a place far away on the map to hide, be silent, and hope you dont get found. Save the gun for your next round.
Eco - Same as a "save round" detailed above.
D-Eco (pronounced dee-coh) - Just a save round where you all buy the powerful Sheriff (Deagle) for hopes of one shot kills against armored enemies.
Long (bombsite) or Short (bombsite) - A lot of the bombsites in this game will have multiple entrance. Usually one being a longer "straighter" path, and the second being a shorter and more "cluttered" path. Long, and short respectively.
Mid - * Mid refers literally to the "middle" of the map. The area between A and B (on a two site map). On most maps, having mid control is very important as it allows you to attack a bomb site from an additional area. On Split for example. The B bombsite only has one "natural" entrance, the garage tunnel. The other entrance to B is the upper walkway that connects to mid. If the Attackers can gain control of mid by killing Defenders, they can attack B from two sides instead of just one.
(Note: the maps in Valorant seem less reliant on having a normal CS styled mid. In CS, mid is typically a very pronounced "lane" to steal a moba term. But in Valorant, a lot of the mids (even on the 2 site maps) are kind of split. Bind for example, both the area connecting Attacker spawn to Hookah could be considered a mid, as well as potentially the area from Attacker spawn to "short A".Neither are really your typical mid, normally a mid has access to BOTH bomb sites equally. The Attacker spawn to Hookah does not have fast rotation to A, only to B. Meanwhile, the Attacker spawn to Portal side DOES have a fast rotation to both A AND B, but it's also directly connected to an exposed A bomb site, which makes it more of a "short A" than a mid.
Which area of a map is determined as "mid" will happen organically by players as we move forward.
Heaven - * Heaven is a term you might hear a lot from CS players. It typically refers to any designated upper area on a bomb site. I'm not talking just a box in the middle of the site that a Jett or Raze may have boosted onto, but areas specificly elevated. On Bind, there is an upper ledge at the back of A, this would typically be referred to as a "Heaven". (Note, if an enemy is standing directly underneath this walkway, they are often referred to as being "under heaven" or "hell".
DD - * "D-D" will refer to "double doors", right now this is only present on Haven, but it's something you might hear called. Just a faster way of calling that someone is playing in, at or around the double doors near B.
Window - * Someone calling that someone is in "window" would be an area LIKE a "heaven" spot, except covered a little bit better. What Americans have begun calling "Hookah" on Bind is an example of a "Window" spot. It's elevated, and has more cover than a Heaven-named spot does (compare it to "heaven" on A site).
Default - another one with multiple meanings. 1: A default hold is all 5 Defenders playing from their usual positions, no stacks, no weird positioning or doubling up, just your normal. 2: A default TAKE is all 5 attackers running a pre-determined strategy. Usually it has all 5 players spreading out and playing for picks (each of you at a predetermined spot, similar to on Defense). and 3: the "default plant", I mentioned this above, but basically as the game progresses, players will organically determine which the "default plant" spot is. This is a spot that is a little bit open, but also a little bit safe in case there are enemies lurking unknown.
Execute - as sort of detailed above, an execute is just the take of a bombsite. "We're executing A" usually means they're putting their smokes and AOE down, and moving in. This is a warning to players that might be lurking at other sites or mid to either listen for rotations from enemies, or start making their way over to A to help defend the planted bomb.
Boosted - * A player being "boosted" means they are on top of a box or other area of the map that they couldn't normally get to solo. Jett, Raze, Omen and Sage can get to some of these locations by themselves, and there have been various methods for boosting team mates on top of your head. So if someone calls "boosted on A site" it probably means they are up on top of a box or other object on the bomb site.
I think that's all I got for now. Again, this is meant just to include some really basic information for players new to a CS style game. I didn't include anything overly advanced, nor did I include every potential "basic" thing about the game, I'm sure there are already plenty of guides on exactly when to buy and save and force buy and all that.
If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them if I'm capable of doing so. Others that are knowledgeable are welcome to do the same.
If this helps you at all, I'm a happy camper.
Good luck out there, and have fun!
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