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I owe Etrade $10k+ in interest

I owe Etrade $10k+ in interest

I had NKLA credit spreads, where the short legs got assigned. Exercised the long legs the next day immediately but they wouldn't settle until after the weekend. I still got charged 360% interest for 3 days. My account value is only 5K lol. I'm done.
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Are ETrade Commission fees back?

I made a sale of stocks on my ETrade account
and to my surprise the Orders -page showed a fee had been applied to the trade. Previous trades I've made do not show a fee. From their website below it seems they are still promising commissions-free trades.
Which way is it? Why are they charging a commission fee for online trades all of a sudden?
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How do you dump options on etrade?

How do you dump options on etrade?
I'm trying to dump 1/2 of my SQQQ call options while they're up but when I go to sell on etrade I get:
"You cannot open a long and short position on the same option symbol. Please call customer service at 1-800-ETRADE-1 if you have any questions on placing your order."

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I have 20 total.

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Etrade bumped up my Margin from 2x to 4x leverage, without requesting it or Pattern Day trading.

Tried asking this on the Etrade forum, but not getting clear answers so trying here, when I applied to upgrade my Etrade account early this week, it was approved with 2x Margin Leverage, than a few days ago, it was all of a sudden bumped up to 4x Margin leverage; I neither requested it, nor have I broken any Pattern Day Trading rules, and have included a screenshot below showing that I am not a Pattern Day Trader. I am seriously not sure about about 4X leverage, nor can I find any clear rules about it searching on Google, such as, how are the Maintenance Margin calculated? Example, if I buy $20,000 worth of stock, the split to purchase it with 4x leverage would be $5K cash and $15K Margin, the Maintenance Margin requirement of 25% would be calculated as $15,000 / (1-.25) = $20,000 the same exact value of the stock purchase itself, how does that even make sense?!
Curious if anyone else with Etrade has gotten a 4x boost to Margin the way I have as well, I'm leaning towards calling Etrade to drop my Margin back to 2x, playing with that much leverage is too rich for my blood right now.....
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Etrade wire transfer

I want to add funds via wire transfer and I am wondering if I am supposed to fill out that form and then mail it to my bank or if there is an easier way I could do that.
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Etrade glitch due to TSLA split

Etrade glitch due to TSLA split
I saw this post and decided to go check on my own... figured someone here might get a good chuckle
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Etrade Fee when the stock was sold?

I'm beginner of etrade use.
Whenever I sold the stock, the total amount was always 1 cent less. Is this the fee from e-trade?
Like sold 10 stocks @ 20 then $200 should be deposited to my account, but $199.99 was...
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Why Etrade is scamming poor people ?

It is well documented Etrade closing arbitrarily accounts from people who can't afford lawyers and keeping their investment to finance their ( u/etrade ) greedy pockets. The question is Why they do it ? aren't they humans ? We suppose to work for the greatness of humanity, Brokerages like E*trade Etrade who steal publicly acting under their motto " serve who ever we want, steal what ever we want "
When they close your account , they do not return your debit account balance . you call costumer service and after a long wait they will tell you " clearly " that they will NOT return your Money !
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Arbitrage between ToS and ETrade

I'm currently trying to trade some Biogen (BIIB) options on my Etrade account. I went to compare it to the ToS platform and discovered that there was quite a price discrepancy ($.80 bid on Etrade vs 1.75 on ToS). I've waited almost an hour to make sure it wasn't a lag issue and yet the price discrepancy remains. Besides being very frustrated, I wondered - is there an arbitrage opportunity? To be able to buy it at a low price on Etrade and sell at a higher price on ToS? thoughts?
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Can I use a VPN with Etrade

Can I use a VPN with Etrade? I am in Europe at the moment.
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Was given 4x leverage on my Etrade Margin account all of a sudden

Been curious about this, Etrade, out of nowhere, has given my Margin Account 4x leverage when I recently upgraded my account and it only started out as 2x leverage. Been trying to search google, and it says that Pattern Day traders are given 4X Margin accounts, which I don't think I've violated any day trading rules (may have with buying/selling with unsettled cash rules, I dunno), also Etrade has given me no notification that I've Pattern Day traded or that they require a $25K deposit....
So, is this just something they decide to give out all of a sudden based on some criteria besides day trading? Just would like to know if I'm in the clear....and to be honest, kinda nervous playing with this much Margin, haven't used any yet, Market seems way too frothy to be buying stocks right now.
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Confusion around Etrade with fractional shares & AAPL stock split

Let's assume I had 25.09529 shares of AAPL in my account before the split.
What actually happened:
  1. Aug 31: My AAPL holdings switched to 100.00 shares of AAPL (25 x 4) but the fractional shares disappeared
  2. Sep 1: My original 0.09529 of fractional shares were added back, so I now have 100.09529 shares
What I would have expected:
EITHER the 0.09529 would also have been multiplied by 4 and I should have 100.38116 shares of AAPL, OR they liquidate the 0.09529 fractional shares and give that to me in cash (based on the original pre-split stock price).
It seems like I am missing shares or cash, but I am not sure if I am looking at this correctly. Does anyone know the answer to this?
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Etrade hidden fees

Etrade has lot of hidden fee. $38 for reorganizing reverse Split. $38 for reorganizing the reverse Merge on SPAC stock. Is there any other trading platforms which does not takes these hidden charges?
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Investing in Vanguard Mutual Funds thru my ETRADE account or directly with Vanguard

Need advice. I have my stock portfolio with ETRADE. I also have an Mutual Fund account with Invesco (formerly Oppenheimer Mutual Funds). I am interested in investing in Vanguard funds. ETRADE offers Vanguard Mutual funds (with recurring auto investments). What are the pro/cons of investing in mutual funds via ETRADE vs. investing directly with Vanguard. Thanks in advance.
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Does ETrade have a thorough breakdown of portfolios?

Hi, I'd like to know whether ETrade offers a breakdown (eg asset class/sector) in the non-pro version.
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Eliminate lawsuits from news feed in Power Etrade?

Headline news and ticker specific news are useless because it's just flooded with lawsuit spamming. Is there any way to filter this out in Power Etrade or even Etrade Pro?
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Is etrades customer service center even open?

I got locked out of my account and cant reset my passwords. Been calling etrade weekly, spending hours at times on hold. Are they even taking calls or is that hold an infinite abyss of shitty elevator music?
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Transfer from ETRADE to M1

I'm thinking about switching to M1. I have an existing taxable ETRADE account. Does anyone know the process of switching securities from ETRADE to M1 without having to actually sell the securities and pay capital gains?
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Wire transfer from Etrade to IBKR

Hello All,
I'm trying to wire transfer from my account in Etrade to IBKR .. The thing is, even though I'm certain I'm using the correct wire details, IBKR only gives you a virtual account number consisting of two parts ( 1234567U123456 ) to use.. I did two trials:

1- wire directly to it (1234567U123456 ) from Etrade but the wire rebounded.
2- use the part before the "U" only as the account number and use "U123456" in my reference details to make sure they route the money to my account, but that failed too. (Someone on other reddit post suggested this is working for him in Transferwise)

Please also note that both Customer support don't know what it happening.
Another thing: I managed before to wire to my IBKR account from another bank. so that means I don't have a problem receiving funds in IBKR.
Hope somebody here tried something that works and can guide me.
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Looking for Etrade reviews from longtime users/customers.. Anyone else only see a dying horse?

So I've had E*Trade going on 7 years now, my first account I was a result of my employer choosing them for our employee stock purchasing plan around 2012-13. I trade often so I also opened a few IRA's and Brokerage accounts.
My Question: I wanted to ask other long time Etrade users what their experiences and opinion is overall now in hindsight. Clearly everyone's experience will be different depending on the type of investing you do, so for those that use it to trade regularly, why is Etrade your platform of choice? I don't care if you tell me "mmm the colors are nice" or "don't care where I invest", but my assumption is if you're actually a member of the Etrade subreddit it's a well-versed group to get real answers from based on experience.
Reason for Asking: I think ETrade is the next Blockbuster, Polaroid etc. A company surviving from a dying boomer generation and is failing to adapt/innovate. As the saying goes, I think Etrade is the "horse you can lead to water but it will still die of thirst." I think it's a great platform for beginners (although expensive compared to competitors), but for any regular trading they already started their decline and it's picking up speed.
I could be wrong, but back in 2010-2014 Etrade was a big deal, at least one of the major online brokers, further ahead of most competitors etc. With extra covid time on my hands I joined 2-3 other online brokers 6 months back and basically I am absolutely disgusted with myself for never looking elsewhere.. especially considering I was throwing all my money into this one place and didn't do any comparing. Obviously today is a different world with literally hundreds of trusted FDIC insured brokers available now.
Specifics for why: Again, it comes down to what you use Etrade for, but in general now I can't find a single redeeming feature that isn't already free, readily available, and outdone already by a competitor or free website. Sure, we can not include the free brokers in this conversation like Webull or RH.. Etrade's fees are already at the higher end of the competition, there's plenty of other brokers offering more for less. Their app has always been clunky with limited functionality that still can't chart well, their "News & Research Center" is absolute crap on both the desktop portals and mobile apps giving you irrelevant or years old information at best. My personal favorite is how often I click on a US based, Multi-BILLION dollar company only to find "No Information Available Currently" or maybe a 3 year old Morningstar report; forget about info on small caps/mid caps/less known etf/n/p's... I shouldn't need to stream together 7 different free apps or websites myself to get an accurate snapshot of the stock I'm looking at. I feel ripped off for every single fee I've paid in the last 5 years, and I have to believe the only people still using Etade are retirees or people who haven't looked elsewhere.
I am about to switch everything over Interactive Brokers (TWS) for any day trading and Schwab for retirement accounts. For those of you using the desktop Etrade Pro, try not to punch someone when you find out just how behind they are compared to TWS, TDA etc.

TLDR: Longtime Etrade customer and wanted to ask others why they use it before I officially close accounts. I discovered that ETrade blows and is riding on the short bus to the nursing home. Still pissed at myself for not trying other brokers until now, feel ripped off by ETrade.
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What is the process to open a brokerage account for stocks for $1,000,000? Should it be done online or in person (TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Etrade). Is $1,000,000 enough of an amount that preferably it should be done in person over online?

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Does Etrade have any customer service? This is a second call, no answer

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